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What have you made in past, what are you making now, what will you be making next?

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FeelingLucky Wed 14-Jan-09 12:33:16

PAST: Lots of dresses for myself before motherhood. Since then, have knitted a scarf for DD and made her a christmas stocking.
PRESENT: Trying to finish a knitted blanket for DD
FUTURE: Planning to make some food out of material and padding for her new toy kitchen
.... awaiting inspiration from you lot for more craft ideas

PuzzleRocks Wed 14-Jan-09 15:37:51

Bumping for you.

FeelingLucky Wed 14-Jan-09 17:27:09

Where are all you crafty types???!!!

moocowme Wed 14-Jan-09 20:18:06

PAST: used to sew lots of lovely clothes for myself. last item I think was a pair of purple jeans
PRESENT: nappies, nappies and more nappies
FUTURE: still dreaming of when i can sew again by myself without the SM fairy (15mo)switching my machine on and off and giggling all the time.

DevilsAdvocaat Wed 14-Jan-09 20:24:29

PAST: cut thru light house cross stitch, scarf, christmas stocking (all for ds).
scarf for my niece.
PRESENT: just finished painting a picture of pirates on the sea in ds's bedroom.
FUTURE: want to make a felt wall hanging with a-z pockets with felt stuffed things for each letter of the alphabet (for new baby, yet to be conceived blush)!

food out of material is a good idea. some cool knitted food about too.

bilblio Wed 14-Jan-09 20:47:33

PAST - cross-stitch, patchwork, jewellery (little beads a small, inquisite child don't mix)
PRESENT - knitting a cardie, it's big chunky wool and I've only got 1 arm to do but I've not picked it up since before Christmas, I've dug out one of the cross-stitch ktis I've been working of for years, crocheting a ripple blanket, and making Christmas cards for next year... hopefully I'll have enough to sell some.
FUTURE - Spinning, I got a wheel off Freecycle just before DD was born, but there's no way I can use it when she's around. Sewing, I also want to make some play food and some dolly clothes but DD isn't interested in food yet, and neither DD or niece will allow their dollies to wear clothes. Jewellery.

Whizzz Wed 14-Jan-09 21:40:51

PAST: lots of lovely beady jewellery
PRESENT: a challenge to make some sort of softie out of my sons fave (but outgrown) PJs + an owl challenge!
FUTURE: more lovely beady stuff once I get a time consuming course out of the way!

vInTaGeVioLeT Thu 15-Jan-09 00:41:45

PAST: counted cross stitch, weaving, embroidery, jewellery, pottery.
PRESENT: felt brooches.
FUTURE: PMC{silver clay}, would like to make some bags.

there are some fantastic ideas/projects for felt toy food on CRAFTSTER.

HolyGuacamole Thu 15-Jan-09 01:31:23

PAST and PRESENT - jewellery, wedding invites, flowergirl wands for weddings, Christmas cards, doorkey tassels, PMC rings, covering things in Swarovski hot fixes and erm......nipple tassels blush

Am thinking of trying some knitting with cashmere.

PS: the nipple tassels cost pennies to make and sell for anything up to £10, it's not that I'm a perv, honest blush grin

FeelingLucky Thu 15-Jan-09 08:36:37

Nipple tassels shock didn't know there was a market for those!
Thanks for pointing me to Craftster, vINtaGe - will check it out.

Miaou Thu 15-Jan-09 08:57:18

PAST: most textile based stuff - I used to design cross-stitch, I have also knitted masses of stuff, crochet, embroidery, tapestry etc etc
PRESENT: Am knitting a blanket made up of tessalating (sp?) fish shapes in rainbow colours. The sewing up will be ... interesting wink
FUTURE: I have a stole to embroider for Revjustabout (have done two for her, she needs a third to complete the set)

I have a blog (a little neglected) here

OneLieIn Thu 15-Jan-09 08:59:02

Past - cross stitch, lace, jewellery
PRESENT - massive sampler
FUTURE - satin quilt

But nipple tassles, there's an idea that would shock the MIL

MeAndB Thu 15-Jan-09 10:32:59

Past: Wedding invites, baby present thank you cards, baby quilts/playmats, cross stich
Present:baby quilt
Future: Kingsize quilt, baby dress, Curtains...its a long list but always looking for new and exciting things to make.

DevilsAdvocaat Thu 15-Jan-09 18:53:05

awesome blog miaou!

Miaou Fri 16-Jan-09 10:24:29

Aw thank you Devil! I must get around to putting some more stuff on it.

MamaHobgoblin Fri 16-Jan-09 20:01:24

Past: beaded and silversmithed jewellery, PMC jewellery, watercolours, tiaras for my and friends' weddings, quilted stuff.

Present: knitting (beading is even worse than knitting to have around a baby!). Also working on a patchwork baby name wallhanging project for my NCT group.

Future: would like to go back to quilting and beading when DS is older and out of the house a bit...

I have some nipple tassels from my hen night. Purple sequins. Were they yours, HG? grin

meridian Sat 17-Jan-09 09:17:00

past: I paint alot.. but recently done alot of painting on vintage bookpages, I make alot of beaded jewellery (though not as much as Whizzz)

present: I am learning to sew on a dinky little sewwing machine.. I'm currently in love with making lavender and rice warmbags (wheatbags but with rice) and am in the middle of making sewn paper hearts for DH's studio window display.

future: I have an owl swap to do.. some more sewing to learn, and some lino tiles to cut to do some lino printing (I haven't done that since high school)

and I have a blog too

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