Memory recipe book for daughter starting uni

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DameFanny Tue 04-Aug-20 09:44:27

Oh if that's the case, why not work on it together? Be a lovely summer thing to do, and if she's illustrating it'll give her an additional way to process the information?

ghostmous3 Mon 03-Aug-20 22:41:31

This is exactly what I'm looking for thank you!

Forgot about cheese sauces and conversion tables etc. Even I'm a bit lost when it comes to cups etc

Shes taking my old slow cooker so I'm including some recipes etc

I'm no artist though..she bullet journals and her art work is amazing

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DameFanny Mon 03-Aug-20 19:50:38

Ooh, things like conversion tables for temperatures and quantities, so she's not fazed if she gets an American recipe (wtf is a stick of butter anyway?).

Quantities for a basic white sauce that can be turned into cheese sauce/pepper/whatever, and scalable if cooking for her/partner/friends

Easy reference cooking times for different kinds of meat (I don't but husband always has to Google)

Any good?

ghostmous3 Sun 02-Aug-20 21:29:10

Not sure if this is the right place but I need ideas please

My eldest daughter is starting uni in september. It's a bit daunting for her as she has asd and will be moving up to Cumbria. She can get a bit lost in the kitchen although she can cook basic stuff but I know she will get homesick.
So I thought of making a keepsake recipe book for her, nothing fancy but was.going to ask various members of hers family to contribute recipe each and hand write it so it's more personal ie her dad, her aunty, her brother, stepdad and my mum too.
Is there anything else that I could put in that would help her, not just recipes but kitchen related etc or even household etc.
Shes come a long way in two years but still struggles sometimes and confidence in the kitchen is a little lacking so I thought that this would be practical and give her a little bit of comfort if shes feeling a bit overwhelmed at times.

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