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Calling all Patchworkers - I need elephant print fabrics - Can you help?

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Yurtgirl Sun 23-Sep-07 15:35:45

I am keen to start patchwork - first time ever! I really want some fat quarters with elephant themed prints. Also other stuff like an omnigrid ruler

Any suggestions of really great patchwork sites would be greatly appreciated cos Im having no luck so far!


Peachy Sun 23-Sep-07 15:38:00

Have tyou thought about looking for Indian sari fabrics, or asking in Sari shops? often theya re very reasonable cost wise too

Yurtgirl Sun 23-Sep-07 15:45:22

That is a good idea peachy -Although I should have said I do need childrens fabrics with elephants on.

Also I live in rural Wales - not many sari shops here

Thanks anyway!

Peachy Sun 23-Sep-07 15:56:40

There are a few internet shops though, and depending on where you re in Wales you migt be able to find a shop- we live near Newport (Caerleon) for example and there is one there

NappiesGalore Sun 23-Sep-07 15:59:57

what a lovely idea...

Yurtgirl Sun 23-Sep-07 16:09:28

We are alas too far from Newport. Our local craft shop is so c@#p half the shop is currently without lighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats why I thought Id try the web but with patchwork I dont know really where to start!

bran Sun 23-Sep-07 16:29:50

I buy a lot of fabric from Hancocks in Paducah (USA). It's a very famous quilting shop and they carry a lot of fabrics.

Here is the website, and this fabric has elephants, but you'd probably have to order a yard to be sure of getting a good section of elephants. Cute children's fabric here, here and here.

bran Sun 23-Sep-07 16:32:25

The Cotton Club is also worth a look, select 'wildlife' on their pattern search to see what elephant fabric they have.

bran Sun 23-Sep-07 16:34:36 Creative grids are very good for all sorts of quilting equiment, they stock Omnigrid rulers and various cutting mats etc.

Lizzzombie Sun 23-Sep-07 16:35:26

Would anyone be interested in starting a patchwork thread? I havent done any since LO arrived and have so much fabric to make various quilts which I thought I would have so much time to do once LO arrived...hmm
May feel more inspired to do a bit each week if other people were making things at the same time?
Like an online quilting circle?
Or an online bitch n stitch?
Anyone up for it?

Yurtgirl Sun 23-Sep-07 16:39:19

A Mumsnet quilting circle would be utterly fab!
Especially as this is my first and I fear I am going to get stuck!

Lizzzombie Sun 23-Sep-07 16:40:54

Cool! I will start a new thread especially!

Yurtgirl Sun 23-Sep-07 16:45:28

Bran - Those links are wonderful, just what I needed. I especially love the moda fabric

bran Sun 23-Sep-07 17:17:55

A quilting circle would be fun, I've hardly done anything since ds came along and I do quite miss it.

Perhaps we could have an album somewhere to load up photos of what we are working on? Or I suppose we could just do it on our profile (although that would mean me learning how to do it shock).

Two more sites for you Yurtgirl Strawberry Fayre are very good for plain fabrics (they have printed fabrics too but they're nothing special, mostly flowery). You pay for a sample set to be sent to you and when you order you staple the fabric you want to the order form. I find it very useful for matching plain fabrics to prints that I already have.

Sunflower Fabrics are a reasonably well stocked shop, I don't use them all that much because I find their fabrics a bit uninspiring (compared to Hancocks) and their prices are a bit higher than Creative Grids. But if I need something that I can't find anywhere else they will usually have it in stock.

dizzyday07 Sun 23-Sep-07 19:36:27

I'd like to join in - I sew and have been planning to do a patchwork quilt for DD for ages!!

Yurtgirl - I have some fabric that have elephants on (currently made into curtains) pic here

Yurtgirl Sun 23-Sep-07 20:22:07

Dizzyday - That fabric is lovely. Is it quite thick or lighter in weight. This is going to be a scrap quilt of a myriad of different fabrics but I do know that curtain fabric is usually rather heavy in weight

dizzyday07 Sun 23-Sep-07 20:51:47

It's not heavy - feels just like normal cotton bedding type material - I have seen it in this colourway and in another one in the fabric section of Dunelm Mill

Yurtgirl Sun 23-Sep-07 20:54:22

Ooooh Dunelm Mill now that is a place I can possibly get to!

Or alternatively if you want to sell a bit of yours dizzy day I would be interested in small piece (say 50cm)

dizzyday07 Sun 23-Sep-07 21:02:48

60cm would get you a piece 4 squares high.
There are 7 complete squares width wise.

£4 posted?

cluckychook Mon 24-Sep-07 03:40:32

Tabby Cat have packs of themed fabric, including elephants. They also sell rulers etc

If you do a search for elephant at you will find all kinds of fabric from American patchwork shops. Fabric is cheaper from America and as long as your order is less than £18 you won't have to pay import tax.

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