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i've just made playdough but...................

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eleanorsmum Tue 04-Sep-07 14:03:56

although i have some dough it's very soft and a bit sticky. i used a recipe off an old thread on here which was 1 cup plain flour, 1/2 cup salt, 1 tblsp cream tartar, 1 tblsp oil, 1/2 cup water with colouring added. we mixed it all tog and it formed a big ball whcih dd is now playing with but it wont cut well with cookie cutters as its so soft. what did i do wrong??????????????/ read some that were cooked but as it formed a ball of dough already i assumed this didnt need cooking? anyone please before i succume to the demands to make more mummy more!

DaisyMOO Tue 04-Sep-07 14:18:21

I always cook mine and use the same recipe as yours but with 1 cup of water.

mummymagic Tue 04-Sep-07 14:19:14

chuck it in microwave for a minute?

made some the other day (without instructions or several ingredients blush) and thought I'd gone v wrong but it was fine after microwaving.

woodland Tue 04-Sep-07 14:35:29

I made playdough yesterday using a very similar recipe and cooked it. It has come out really well.

MrsBadger Tue 04-Sep-07 14:36:45

er, you do have to cook it

put ingredients (which are right) in pan, heat gently stirring all the time till it's playdough-consitency. Cool before using.

eleanorsmum Tue 04-Sep-07 15:26:08

ok thanks made three lots now and ended up mixing them all together (one really squshy, one really dry the other a runny mess) and now have one huge ball of excellent purple playdough!
thanks for tips, will try cooking next batch another day!

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