I have a new toy - I think she needs a name - she is a grand old lady

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KatyMac Mon 30-Dec-19 22:11:37

Look! How marvellous!

Do you think I can get her working?

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BillywilliamV Mon 30-Dec-19 22:14:13

Where did you find her?

KatyMac Mon 30-Dec-19 22:17:13

Facebook - the treadle doesn't make a sound

I'll start off with a belt and see where we go from there apparently it's less that £10 to buy a new one (new item justified by refurbishing old machine)

She has a shuttle! Never used one like that

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Knittedfairies Mon 30-Dec-19 22:18:41

Ohh.... excellent!

rslsys Mon 30-Dec-19 22:27:12

Surely she already has a name - Vesta!

KatyMac Mon 30-Dec-19 22:29:40

Hmm @relays, is that her surname?

Is she Hester Vesta? Veronique Vesta? Hepzibah Vesta? Probably not Vera Vesta...

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milliefiori Mon 30-Dec-19 22:30:47

I was going to suggest Pearl, as in Pearl's a Singer. But I see she's a Vesta not a Singer. Vesta is a great name. Or you could call her Tillie after Vesta Tilley

KatyMac Mon 30-Dec-19 22:31:14

Can spell @rslsys autocorrect can't

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milliefiori Mon 30-Dec-19 22:31:17

I like Hester Vesta

nocoolnamesleft Mon 30-Dec-19 22:32:09

Vesta is also a first name....of the Roman virgin goddess of hearth and home.

MsAwesomeDragon Mon 30-Dec-19 22:33:41

She is lovely. My great aunt had one just like her when I was a child. (My aunt was called Vesta too, maybe it was a nickname now I think of it, but we knew her as Vesta all our lives)

KatyMac Mon 30-Dec-19 22:34:18

Ooo @nocoolnamesleft that's good

I have an old family singer who may change her name from "shit that's heavy" to Pearl!!

Vesta Tilley's first names were Matilda Alice so that could work

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rslsys Mon 30-Dec-19 22:34:51

She is of such character that she only needs the single name, think Madonna, Marilyn, Prince, Adele etc etc

KatyMac Mon 30-Dec-19 22:35:53

@rslsys that's true

I may see if we can work out how old she is and look at names of the decade

This is assuming she is still alive

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JesusMaryAndJosepheen Mon 30-Dec-19 22:38:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nousernameforme Mon 30-Dec-19 22:38:44

How about Swan grin most if not all replacement parts can be singer. As all these old machines were pretty much copies under a different name.

IsadoraQuagmire Mon 30-Dec-19 22:43:52

Or Victoria after Vesta Victoria, one of my favourite music hall stars.
I have a Singer, but I don't think it works, it's just nice to look at...

KatyMac Thu 02-Jan-20 11:40:14

My singer works like a dream - but I think this new one will be Tillie

Now I have to think of a name for the Singer - I am wondering about Hilda my Nana's name - as it was her machine

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