Beginner knitter here. Please help with blanket

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BorisBadunov Mon 23-Sep-19 16:45:37

I have just started knitting very recently and know very little.

I would now like to make a throw/ blanket. I’m thinking along the following terms :
- circular needles 15mm, 120cm;
- double yarn, in a super chunky (eg WATG crazy sexy yarn), with two different yarn colours to give marled effect

I don’t have a pattern. But from reading online, I’m thinking I may just do it all in garter stitch as that would be quickest and won’t curl. Do I need a border in a different stitch? If so, which one and how many rows?

This is what I broadly have in mind

Please can you tell me if my project doesn’t make sense?

also, would 10 skeins of 300g (5 of each colour) be enough, or do I need to buy more? I want a large-ish throw or blanket, not something baby-sized.

I like speckled yarn. Would it work if I used two different speckled yarns in a double stitch, or should I use one block colour and one speckled?

Many thanks 🙏 I’m very confused 🤷🏼‍♀️

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BeBraveAndBeKind Tue 24-Sep-19 23:14:02

Great pattern! You don't have to put a border on it if you don't want to. It's a long time since I made something in just garter stitch but I don't recall it curling up like stocking stitch does.

If I was doing this, I'd knit a tension square and then weigh it to see how much yarn it used and multiply up from there. Or you could check the metreage on the ball and how many metres was used to make the one in the pattern and work out how many you need. It doesn't go as far as you think it will on those sized needles!

If you've not seen it, has a really useful database of yarn information that might help.

BorisBadunov Wed 25-Sep-19 00:13:13

Thank you!

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Noseynails Thu 26-Sep-19 20:23:17

Knitting all rows on circular needles comes out as stocking stitch

BackseatKnitter Thu 26-Sep-19 20:30:43

Moss stitch looks pretty and is really easy. Or you could use moss stitch as a border and garter stitch for the centre?

AllTheOtherCats Thu 26-Sep-19 20:35:43

'*Knitting all rows on circular needles comes out as stocking stitch*'

Only if you join to knit in the round. OP's pattern says 'do not join'.

youkiddingme Thu 26-Sep-19 20:38:56

Knitting all rows on circs only comes out as stocking stick if you knit in the round.
You can also use a circular needled end to end, just so you have a long needle - like using 2 needles but you just use alternate ends.
If you get knit -pro needles and cables (they make them out of all kinds of materials depending on what you like and prices vary loads from cheap to v posh dosh) you can get extra cables and connectors to join the cables if you want to knit something really large. Just be careful about putting a lot of weight on the cable, I like to knit sitting so I can rest it on my lap if it's a large project.

You are better reading the yarn ball and checking the yardage to work out how much yarn you will need. Then knit a test square to check gauge, which will help you work out what size your blanket will be, or how many sts you need to get the size you want, and you can work out how many skeins you need from that. Obv if you may want to buy the wool before you do a test knit - just check that the yardage and gauge given on the wool is similar to that used on the pattern. Or if you are doubling it you will obv need twice as much.

Garter stich should curl much so is fine without a border, but you could do a moss stitch border if you want, this is easy and doesn't curl - you do k1 p1 all along the row, then repeat but so that the knits and purls are staggered so it doesn't turn into rib.

hope that helps

youkiddingme Thu 26-Sep-19 20:40:30

sorry garter stitch should NOT curl much

SinkGirl Fri 27-Sep-19 12:36:55

You don’t need a border at all. If you slip the first stitch on every needle rather than knitting it, you’ll get a neater edge like this.

I’m not familiar with the yarn but super chunky varies so much in weight and thickness so two strands on 15mm needles probably won’t drape much and you may need 20mm (I would use 20mm needles).

I’d also look at Drops yarns - there’s a gorgeous super chunky wool and alpaca blend in 100g balls and very affordable compared to many of the alternatives. Beautiful colours some of which are marled.

SinkGirl Fri 27-Sep-19 12:37:23

Sorry, here’s the edge

BorisBadunov Sun 29-Sep-19 15:12:24

Thank you all for the tips! I’m going to investigate the moss stitch and everything else that’s been suggested. I’ve sorted out the yarn and needles and am about to place an order. I’m very excited!

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RevolutionofOurTime Thu 17-Oct-19 12:16:23

I finished my blanket! It’s more of an oversized throw. In the end I decided to try massive circular needles (25mm) with 4 strands of chunky yarn in various colours. I did it in stocking stitch and it does not curl, probably because it is quite loosely knitted. It only took 3 days and the throw is super warm - perfect for winter evenings. Unfortunately I’m not in love with the colours (the joys of ordering yarn online), but I would definitely consider doing another one in the future.

I also did a scarf in moss stitch and it’s lovely!

Thank you for the advice!

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