Any guidance on altering wide leg trousers?

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dudsville Sun 01-Sep-19 16:30:22

So following the current trend I bought a pair of wide leg ankle length trousers. I can't get used to them and think they are silly on me. They are very comfortable and I want to try tapering the leg. I've tapered legs of jeans and cords, but never wide leg, and these are a really fine polyester. I can't find a reasonable tutorial online that's similar enough to my pair to risk copying the method. Any here have any guidance to offer? I've also never sewn with polyester so in all likelyhood I'll botch this but I already own them so it's no harm.

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JaneHitch Wed 04-Sep-19 14:57:23

Fold the trousers so the legs are on top of each other seams facing out - what you should find is that most of the flare comes from the ouside edge - and the inside leg is fairly straight - if that is the case them the bulk of the trim should come from the ouside leg - the side with most bulk. Do this with the trousers inside out and mark how much you want to trim out.
First of all baste with the logest stitch you have and try on for size - when you have the right size If you don't have an overlocker - then use the 'triple stitch' on a standard sewing machine - as that will maintain the strtech that the polyester has - but also be strong enough for you to cut out the excess fabric to maintain the integrity of the seam.
Let me know if you wnat any further info or some pictures.
Best wishes,

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