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wher can ds get hama beads ideas from?

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coddy Sat 21-Jul-07 16:44:57


EricGallagher Sat 21-Jul-07 16:45:50

Do you have k'nex in your house? What are they like?

coddy Sat 21-Jul-07 16:46:18

yes good

but ds2 oddly fascinated wiht hama( he is the sport mad one)

AlwaysWatchingCastawayAt2am Sat 21-Jul-07 16:50:00

you can get books of designs from toy shops - we have one. if i can work out how to scan and email some pages i will post here again.

coddy Sat 21-Jul-07 16:50:26

oh gresat
he is obsessed
ti sso so odd

AlwaysWatchingCastawayAt2am Sat 21-Jul-07 17:04:34

can you give me an email address to send it to?

TwoToTango Sat 21-Jul-07 17:08:53

Hobbycraft sell the books of ideas. I think i've seen them on ebay too

coddy Sat 21-Jul-07 17:24:55

hmm id rather not online
shall i cat you?

AlwaysWatchingCastawayAt2am Sat 21-Jul-07 17:26:49

yes that's what i meant - i just don't know how it works!

AlwaysWatchingCastawayAt2am Sat 21-Jul-07 17:32:20

actually - i'll put them on photobucket in a minute. then anyone can see them.

coddy Sat 21-Jul-07 17:32:39

well ive done that too!

AlwaysWatchingCastawayAt2am Sat 21-Jul-07 17:50:16

how are these?

AlwaysWatchingCastawayAt2am Sat 21-Jul-07 18:52:22

oh look i've just found these too

Ceolas Sat 21-Jul-07 18:54:02

You can get books by Hama called Inspiration. John Lewis have them.

coddy Sat 21-Jul-07 18:54:15

lovely ta

ChasingSquirrels Sat 21-Jul-07 19:08:23

do you want patterns or beads?
I found a website with loads of [ patterns].
You can get beads on e-bay, but they are cheaper in shops (cos you aren't paying postage). The Toymaster in our nearest town sells them, but also the craft shop in the next village sells them and is slightly cheaper.

ChasingSquirrels Sat 21-Jul-07 19:08:56

opps patterns.

ChasingSquirrels Sat 21-Jul-07 19:13:05

that site with all the little pics is great, ds1 got the dinosaur ones for his 4th birthday last year and went through a phase of being obsessed. He hasn't done them for a few months but has just started again the last few weeks, so I will be printing some of those off. Thanks 2am.

AlwaysWatchingCastawayAt2am Sat 21-Jul-07 20:54:01

and thank you for the designs they are fab!

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