Anyone used Scheepjes Whirl?

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Squirrelfruitandnutkin Tue 18-Sep-18 20:54:01

It looks so lovely but all I’ve seen online is shawls, which isn’t really me.
I’m thinking of a big, wide scarf in maybe nighttime bubbles. Anyone used it, how does it feel/ work up?

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user453678953 Wed 19-Sep-18 07:12:36

I've used it a lot, about five cakes. I love it. I've made shawls, a scarf and baby blankets. It's incredibly soft and the join really isn't obvious

Yddraigoldragon Wed 19-Sep-18 07:16:34

I have made wide scarves, it is stunning to use and looks amazing when finished and blocked. I used a 4 hook as I wanted drape.

Have a look on the scheepjes Facebook groups, there are loads of pics of made up items including blankets, tops, dresses as well as shawls.

On one site they list them by colourway so you will be able to see how it will look completed.

tribpot Wed 19-Sep-18 07:19:20

I'm using some at the moment to make the Rainfall Kimono, it's really nice.

PiperPublickOccurrences Thu 27-Sep-18 19:59:53

I've used it to make a shawl and it's lovely - very soft and "cottony" and blocks well.

Lots of ideas here

LemonRedwood Sun 30-Sep-18 19:53:21

I flipping love this yarn. Done two baby blankets in it now - lotus blanket pattern. One in nighttime bubbles and one in brambleberry. This is the brambleberry one.

I think it would work well as a big scarf because it's lovely and soft, but it probably would be a big scarf because the whirl is 1000m of yarn!

Squirrelfruitandnutkin Mon 01-Oct-18 19:04:48

Yeah that is a big scarf! 🤔

Wonder if there’s a smaller version?

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LemonRedwood Sun 21-Oct-18 09:46:50

I've been thinking more and more about this!

Scheepjes Whirl is quite fine. I'd make the scarf at least twice as wide as you would normally because you'd probably want a couple of layers around your neck to make it nice and warm and it will fold/drape quite nicely. It will still be quite a long scarf but leaves potential for lots of wrapping or leaving long ends for effect. I'm tempted to try with a rectangular c2c.

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