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Upcycling/changing long sleeve tee shirts into short sleeve?

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forcryinoutloud Tue 13-Mar-18 13:56:26

Has anyone whose handy with a needle done this sort of thing? I have a few long sleeve tees that a little tired but I feel could be transformed (upcycled/) into a nice short sleeve one maybe. Just wondered what more experienced dress makers thought...any tricks or advice appreciated.

MauriceTheSpaceCowboy Tue 13-Mar-18 13:58:40

I just cut off the excess sleeve and hem it tbh: I think a couple of times I’ve folded up some of the new hem into a sort of tuck and then atiched it so the new shorter hem is a bit more fitted, but nothing fancier than that.

forcryinoutloud Tue 13-Mar-18 14:07:54

Thank you, and were you pleased with the results? I was thinking of adding maybe some sort of trim to the hem as my hemming will be rubbish but I am conscious of not overdoing it. On the other hand I do want it to just look like I've hacked at one top to make another iyswim.

MauriceTheSpaceCowboy Tue 13-Mar-18 14:14:07

Yes I’ve been happy, I’ve done it a few times as I tend to trail the long sleeves into my paints and it’s easiest just to cut them off!

Thinking back I did once add a white Broderie anglaise trim to the hem and put a bit on the collar as well, and that looked good, but that was when I was younger and more interesting than I am now smile

bonzo77 Tue 13-Mar-18 14:33:09

I do this lots. As well as other clothes recycling. Knitted jersey fabric wont fray, so no need to hem. If you do want to hem, cut 2cm longer than final desired length. If hemming, a twin needle on a machine gives a neat finish that will stretch so stitches don’t pop.

forcryinoutloud Tue 13-Mar-18 14:48:25

thank you all, you are inspiring me! And you are still interesting I'm sure Maurince!

MauriceTheSpaceCowboy Tue 13-Mar-18 18:11:13

Less than I used to be, middle age catches us in the end.

YouWereRight Tue 13-Mar-18 20:51:36

I do this, ds eats his sleeves and collars, so all long sleeved t-shirts become 3/4 length or short sleeved within a few wears.

For some of the short sleeved t-shirts I've just cut to an inch or so longer than desired, then rolled and tacked the sleeve at the top and bottom. For the others I use a twin needle to hem them.

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