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NEW A&C 'Purple Star' Challenge - Sign Up Here

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Whizzz Sun 22-Apr-07 15:17:26

OK please sign up here if you are in for the latest Challenge :

A challenge to make any type of craft object featuring a STAR and any shade of PURPLE - you can use other colours too, but the predominant colour must be a shade of purple and there must be a star featured too.

I will also put a new Yahoo photo gallery together so we can share what's been made. Can we aim to post pics of the finished items before May 31st

Remember it can be any type of craft - card making, scrapbooking, knitting, sewing, beading, pottery, papermaking, bake a cake....anything !

SoupDragon Sun 22-Apr-07 17:54:46

Me! I'm going to spraypaint BabyDragon purple and enter her.

Whizzz Sun 22-Apr-07 19:34:22

Fillyjonk Sun 22-Apr-07 19:42:11



VeniVidiVickiQV Sun 22-Apr-07 22:17:45

Me me me!

My first A&C challenge!

Yorkiegirl Sun 22-Apr-07 22:19:33

Message withdrawn

dizzyday07 Sun 22-Apr-07 22:52:15

I'll give it a go too

Daemara Mon 23-Apr-07 09:39:03

ok i'm very intrigued and as purple is my favourite colour I'm game.

Whizzz Mon 23-Apr-07 15:50:42

OK - so far we have :-

Fillyjonk ....pondering - go on, you know you want to

October Mon 23-Apr-07 18:37:02

Message withdrawn

Whizzz Mon 23-Apr-07 19:13:15

welcome aboard October

WigWamBam Mon 23-Apr-07 22:18:23

Can I play too? Even if I'm probably not going to be very good at it?

October Mon 23-Apr-07 22:25:05

Message withdrawn

WigWamBam Mon 23-Apr-07 22:29:40

I had a couple of months off, just for a breather and a bit of headspace really. MN does my head in a bit when I'm feeling down.

Am feeling better and back now, though

You've changed back to your old name while I was away ...

October Mon 23-Apr-07 22:33:10

Message withdrawn

WigWamBam Mon 23-Apr-07 22:38:30

Ah - the name change makes sense in that case.

Am feeling good at the moment, about MN and other things too. It's quite flattering to be missed; there are so many posters now I'm surprised anyone noticed!

PeachyChocolateEClair Mon 23-Apr-07 22:45:08

Well seeing as my exams were today I will go for it then Whizzz

even though I hate purple

champs Tue 24-Apr-07 10:30:44

hi all!!

signing up

is it the end of your course PC?

PeachyChocolateEClair Tue 24-Apr-07 15:01:07

1 more year

Actually I am really with them atm as they have dropped a module I needed for the MA I wanted to do, and replaced it with one about film (I can't even stick TV, never managed to work out how to sit through an entire film without fallinga sleep or walking off either)

So a bit grrrrrrrrr

Can still do PGCE but only at one of the Uni's, not my local one (Bristol)- 2 hour each way commute now ! for the 8 weeks.

Whizzz Tue 24-Apr-07 15:55:35

OK - so we have

Fillyjonk ....pondering

Feel free to start crafting whenever the spirit takes you - I will put an album up in the YAhoo group (please let me know if you don't currently have access to it to upload)

katzg Tue 24-Apr-07 15:59:22

me please and i can't access the yahoo site

dizzyday07 Tue 24-Apr-07 16:52:59

I don't have access to the Yahoo group

Whizzz Tue 24-Apr-07 17:45:36

Yahoo MN Group

If you haven't got access to add pics - I think you have to request access via Yahoo with your email addy etc - that then gets sent to me & I will approve you as a member of the group

Whizzz Tue 24-Apr-07 17:46:34

(lets try & do better than the Craft Swapping Challenge - as I have just noticed, I was the only one to post a pic !!)

Califrau Tue 24-Apr-07 18:01:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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