I need a name for a product with a 'whole world/round the world' theme

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LaurieFairyCake Wed 26-Jul-17 15:42:54

I want something pithy, interesting, or funny, or cutesy.

All I've got so far:

Half a world away (stolen from R.E.M. Song)
It's a big wide world
The whole world in your hands

They're all not right hmm

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Sagethyme Wed 26-Jul-17 15:46:10

What's the product?

LaurieFairyCake Wed 26-Jul-17 15:46:53

It's a personalised world picture

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Sagethyme Wed 26-Jul-17 16:07:38

Ooh I was thinking smellies or scented candles!
all I can think of is: going global!

LaurieFairyCake Wed 26-Jul-17 16:09:57

Ok, 'global' is a word to play with - like grin

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senua Wed 26-Jul-17 16:12:04

Google translate tells me that "one world" in Latin is "unum mundum".
Trips off the tongue, non?

LaurieFairyCake Wed 26-Jul-17 16:13:17


It's a Mundum
Your Mundum
Mundum of You

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ThumbWitchesAbroad Wed 26-Jul-17 16:15:07

The world is your oyster
The world is your picture
Your world, your choice
this little world of mine

Is this a slogan or an actual name? If a name, I guess it needs to be much shorter!

Globally yours

Ugh, I'm no good at this!

MrsGotobed Wed 26-Jul-17 16:19:11

Global Gifts
Global Gizmos
All Around The World
My World, Your World

Woodling Wed 26-Jul-17 16:23:21

Wonderful World?
Your Worldview?

Woodling Wed 26-Jul-17 16:26:12

80 Ways Around the World?

Think that's me worlded out!

senua Wed 26-Jul-17 16:29:47

Picture Planet / Planet Picture.

iklboo Wed 26-Jul-17 16:39:05

I Give You The Earth

PlaymobilPirate Wed 26-Jul-17 16:44:41

Picture the World

squishysquirmy Wed 26-Jul-17 16:47:29

Planet you.
Doodle Earth.
World of your own.

Woodling Fri 28-Jul-17 17:52:18

Did you ever settle on anything OP? Am intrigued!

CoffeeAndEnnui Fri 28-Jul-17 17:54:47

You're My World

LaurieFairyCake Fri 28-Jul-17 18:47:07

I haven't settled on anything yet smile

I like loads of these though

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MrsGotobed Sat 29-Jul-17 16:21:44

Oh My World!

LaurieFairyCake Sun 30-Jul-17 11:12:01

Well MrsGoToBed - I have stolen yours for my product

I will let you know how it all goes

Thank you all soooo much smile

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MrsGotobed Mon 31-Jul-17 15:31:01

Great! Glad I could be of use grin

Hope it goes well flowers

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