Easiest way to finish a circle skirt hem?

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u32ng Wed 19-Jul-17 12:54:09

Not helped by the fabric being lightweight woven viscose! I'm fairly beginner to sewing too so it seems I like a challenge haha!

Not sure what the easiest way to finish the hem is? Toying between narrow hem or bias bound. However I'm worried the bias binding will interfere with the drape of the skirt?

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storynanny Thu 20-Jul-17 10:05:55

I would avoid turning it up twice by doing a zigzag stitch around the bottom of the skirt as close to the edge as possible. Then press up less than a cm for the hem and either topstititch on the machine or carefully hand stitch it. Press it really well before the turning up as it will make the sewing much easier.
With curved edges hemming is much trickier than straight as you have more material at the bottom than even a couple of cm up if you see what I mean.

meala Thu 20-Jul-17 10:18:48

Do you have a rolled hem foot for your machine? It makes it really quick and easy to hem a circle skirt as it rolls the edge under and sews at the same time.

storynanny Thu 20-Jul-17 10:26:52

Ah yes, forgot about that. Off to have a look to see if my machine has one.

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