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Good crochet project bag?

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ButtfaceMiscreant Sun 12-Feb-17 16:10:11

I am looking for a (not ridiculously expensive) project bag for my crochet, preferably with a zip closure rather than an open top.

Does anyone have any recommendations? My yarn is currently stored in a plastic "very useful" box, but I would like something to store my current wips, rather than squishing them in there with the yarn!

liz70 Sun 12-Feb-17 19:22:03

I use these for my knitting and crochet projects:

ButtfaceMiscreant Sun 12-Feb-17 19:37:03

That looks ideal, thank you!

LemonRedwood Sun 12-Feb-17 21:25:02

Just what I've been looking for too - thanks!

tribpot Sun 12-Feb-17 21:32:19

Those look really good for bigger projects. I might have to bag (pun intended) a couple myself.

PurpleFrog Tue 14-Feb-17 20:59:08

Hmmm... I am looking for something as well, but that isn't big enough for me. I need something big enough for a crochet blanket or an Icelandic jumper. I was going to make one but can't decide on a design. I'm not sure about a zip fastening as I used to have a "traditional" knitting bag and was forever trying to unjam yarn from the zip.

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