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Stitch and Bitch Group

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glenthebattleostrich Sat 21-Jan-17 22:41:30

My friend and I want to start a stitch and bitch group in our local area. There is one but it is on a weekday afternoon and we can't make it as we work full time.
I'd really like some advice on how to do it. I initially thought we could just meet at my house and have a natter while doing a bit of crafting but it seems we have about 15 or so people interested. So, if you are a member of a similar group how does it work? Would a local pub be a good venue? How long are the meetings usually? Do you all bring your own projects or all work on a group effort? A couple of those attending want to learn to crochet and knit so I was thinking of providing yarn and loaning kneedles and perhaps doing some squares for the wonderful woolly hugs.

Have I missed anything? (Probably loads!!)

kelper Sat 21-Jan-17 22:47:25

We have ours in a pub once a week, they reserve us 2 big tables, and the amount of people we get who want to join us is unreal!

PlaymobilPirate Sat 21-Jan-17 22:51:27

Our local one is usually held in a nice cafe in the centre of town (trendy music type one) and sometimes in a pub.

I've only been a couple of times but it's been mainly people working on their own stuff with lots of impromptu demos etc if people are interested. Occasionally there's group project (local scarf and hat drive for the homeless recently)

glenthebattleostrich Sat 21-Jan-17 23:37:49

Excellent, a pub sounds like a good plan. I'll ring our nearest one and see if they'll reserve a table.

Quite excited now smile

PlymouthMaid1 Sat 21-Jan-17 23:51:37

Ours is in a local cafe which kindly stags open late for us. I believe it used to be in a pub but the lighting waS too dim for crafting so bear that in mind.

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