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Has anyone seen this fabric please?

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SailingThroughTime Mon 12-Dec-16 23:20:36

I'm after either of the reds. I bought some 2 years ago and can't even remember who the manufacturer is. It's lovely 100% cotton and quite thick.

GoodyGoodyGumdrops Mon 12-Dec-16 23:34:12

Is it quilting, dressmaking, upholstery?

You could try Fabricland, Remnant Kings or Doughty's.

GoodyGoodyGumdrops Mon 12-Dec-16 23:34:49

Is there any info on the selvedge?

SailingThroughTime Mon 12-Dec-16 23:40:40

The selvedge is long gone. I've only some scraps left. It wasn't upholstery. It was a bit thicker than Makower cottons though. I'll try the websites you mentioned thanks.

SailingThroughTime Tue 13-Dec-16 00:13:12

It's a John Louden linen look cotton but I think it's too old noe to find any.

CraftyKittens Tue 13-Dec-16 00:14:51

Billow fabrics online has similar fabric to this smile

CraftyKittens Tue 13-Dec-16 00:15:23

It's a quilting cotton so fairly thick cotton

SailingThroughTime Tue 13-Dec-16 08:40:17

I couldn't see something similar enough on the Billow website but thanks for mentioning it. It's a lovely site and I haven't seen it before.

Flossyfloof Tue 20-Dec-16 16:23:14

I have! I have! I thought it looked familiar when I saw the pic and can get a fat quarter of the one on the far right. I can send a pic if you like.

SailingThroughTime Wed 21-Dec-16 00:54:35

Aww thanks for thinking of this Flossy but I've made my tablecloth now from a couple of different fabrics and it looks good enough.
Thanks again smile

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