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How to make a model of an animal

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Fabiantheking Wed 19-Oct-16 18:20:47

DD has a list of homework tasks to do this term, they are optional so she does not have to do them all (or any).
She does not want to do any of the things she could do herself. The only task she has any interest in is 'make a model of an animal with at least one moving part'.

I am hopeless at craft and don't know where to start, we have standard craft material (loo roll tubes, prit stick, pipe cleaners etc) can anyone suggest something easy that we can make?

I know she is supposed to do it herself but at 5yrs old she needs a bit of help/guidance. She will do most of it herself as she loves making things and I definitely do not.

dementedpixie Wed 19-Oct-16 22:03:03

Toilet roll giraffe?

dementedpixie Wed 19-Oct-16 22:08:40

Fabiantheking Thu 20-Oct-16 06:44:56

Thanks, this looks like something we could do over half term next week.
DD will love it grin

makeyourownzoo Sat 22-Oct-16 20:45:49

Thanks dementedpixie for the mention! Have a few other animals on my blog too and working on a farm collection at the moment. If you've any other animal in mind you'd like to try Fabiantheking, let me know and I'll see what I can do smile

Fabiantheking Tue 25-Oct-16 22:26:20

We made the giraffe, we put it together slightly differently but it has turned out very well. Now just need to persuade DD not to touch it again so it can make it into school next Tuesday in one piece smile

BunloafAndCrumpets Tue 25-Oct-16 22:27:38

This is lovely!

dementedpixie Tue 25-Oct-16 22:28:15

Looks great, well done smile

Fabiantheking Tue 25-Oct-16 22:29:52

Forgot to say thankyou for the instructions makeyourownzoo I had absolutely no idea what we could do until dementedpixie shared the link above.

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