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Sewing books

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MarwoodsTrenchcoat Thu 22-Sep-16 08:05:31

There are a few threads about this, but couldn't find one covering the explosion of recent books. I looked at quite a lot in 2010/11 but there are so many more now. Especially since The Great British Sewing Bee, which I hadn't even seen before yesterday.

Already have a Dorling Kindersley book. I used to have the Readers Digest one but clicked more wit hthe DK one.

Specific things I'm looking for

- Must cover a lot about hand sewing, including hand sewing clothes.
(I have never been able to control a sewing machine brilliantly and TBH that is unlikely change because of a medical issue. I did hand sew a few largish items in my teens so understand the time involved. Decided I'd like to try again.)
- Alterations, especially taking shirts and dresses in at the waist for an hourglass figure
- Mending such as darning
- Amending patterns, especially modifying torso shape, and length of bottom half clothes
- How to make items that are forgiving or easily adaptable for weight fluctuations
- Making patterns from existing clothes without destroying them
- Would be nice if the book had some full size patterns included, after hearing that patterns are more expensive in Britain than many other countries.

Not into projects for fiddly little items around the home like cushions, decorative padded shapes, bags etc. (Though, hmm, maybe Christmas decorations would be okay.)
I like things that fulfil necessary functions.

That has always been a block to practising sewing: I hate the idea of making stuff that won't be useable, or at best will get dumped in a charity shop in a few months. And how do you get better if you don't make lots of rubbish practice things you don't really need at first?

barefootbird Thu 22-Sep-16 21:40:21

- Amending patterns, especially modifying torso shape, and length of bottom half clothes Fit for real people is a very good book (in my opinion) and was a game changer for me, even if you don't get along with the method taught in the book there is still heaps of useful information on how to change the fit of patterns.

- How to make items that are forgiving or easily adaptable for weight fluctuations Not a book, but these these patterns are all really loose fitting and probably would fit across the sizes, the instructions on for the trousers that I made were superb, the whole making experience was very different to that of the tissue paper and dreadful instructions that I'm used to with some of the other brands. I notice that they also have tutorials on their website here.

In the past I have bought duvet covers from charity shops with the sole purpose of experimenting and trying out new methods (usually when drafting up a pattern), I think sometimes you do need to get it wrong, throw it out and start over to learn.

- Making patterns from existing clothes without destroying them Pintrest has loads of ideas, often with instructions, if there are no instructions then I just wing it and/or try it out on something that doesn't matter.

incywincybitofa Fri 23-Sep-16 22:54:38

Really you are looking for couture sewing books, lots of hand finishing/stitching perfect fitting....
These three are worth a look

This has patterns Gertie loves handsewing!

Merchant and Mills with patterns but a true beginner might also want their previous book- lots of handsewing

And from Alabama Chanin who hand sew everything either their first book
or their most recent which has all of their clothing patterns in it.

On fitting maybe this one

It depends on style and tasteof garments
Have you considered learning to draft your own patterns?

Djangor Tue 27-Sep-16 10:00:02

I have a book by an Aussie called Judith Turner - Clothing Alteration Secrets Revealed. Got it years ago & I find it useful but don't think it is available now - she has a later book called the Seweing Bible for Clothes Alterations - don't know if anyone has tried that?

horseymum Wed 05-Oct-16 11:23:17

Our public library has quite a few, you could try there to see what they are like, many have the pattern sheets at the back

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