A Vintage Singer Sewing Machine has Invaded My Life... What Now??

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plutoisnotaplanet Fri 19-Aug-16 10:12:49

My lovely MIL was clearing out her house ready for a move abroad, and came across her grandmothers sewing machine shock

It's a very very old treadle machine that at some point has been converted and now runs off an electric peddle.

MIL obviously can't take it with her, so she's begged me to take it in. I agreed as long as it works, so we tested it any the 100+ year old machine still runs! shock

She's going to pay for it to have a service and get cleaned up and then it's going to come and live with me grin. I have to say, it's a beautiful machine and I'd absolutely love to use it but I'm not sure my limited sewing skills are up to the task of running a machine like this? I'm used to modern toyota machines.. what should I expect? I know it only does a single straight stitch but what other things will I need to adapt to use this machine?

I've attached a photo from Google below that looks like the one MIL is passing on smile

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