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Dressmaking - update from other thread

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RachelLynde Sun 17-Jul-16 19:34:37

For those of you lovely folks who offered me sage advice and moral support on my first attempt at dressmaking, here is the finished article. It's not the actual fabric bought for the top, I decide to use a very cheap linen/cotton mix from my stash, but it actually fits me. The sleeves were tricky and a bit messy, but overall it's acceptable and I've worn it without it falling apart! Thanks again for the advice!

CatherineDeB Sun 17-Jul-16 20:51:05

Well done Rachel, glad you are pleased with it after all your hard work. smile.

I made a work dress this weekend for a meeting I need to go to tomorrow evening! My mum taught me to sew, we started when I was 8 and I am now 48. When I showed her my dress tonight she said "you are getting very good at setting in sleeves Catherine". grin, I just smiled but said to DH if I wasn't any good by now there would be no hope.

What are you moving onto next?

RatherBeIndoors Sun 17-Jul-16 20:59:26

Good sewing! Well done, I remember the first few times I wore something I'd made I worried it would fall apart while I was wearing it grin thankfully the world has been spared and that's never happened yet

I've made about a thousand miles of bunting this weekend for the child's birthday party. All over now, and I am wracking my brain for other occasions to use it, as it was a lot of (dull) work for 2 hours' glory!

RachelLynde Sun 17-Jul-16 21:15:24

What about their bedroom or hanging it outside rather? I do like a bit of outdoor bunting grin

Catherine I'm going to sew the same top again but the shorter version OR a skirt. Probably the top, then a skirt afterwards....

I did really enjoy it, it was nice to get absorbed in something!

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