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J.J. forever beds

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Porkchops66 Mon 16-May-16 13:36:12

There isn’t much that can come close to the pain a parent feels when their child. The intensity of pain is like no other pain and that alone can be unbearable….

I was recently invited to an event in Canvey Island, Uk, by kerry Ann and Stacy who run a Facebook page called: From my womb to my heart. Essex bay loss support page

It was over a two hour journey, which I didn’t mind as I could catch up with Shane, a new Daddys with Angels admin/support worker. We eventually arrived and set up our display boards and began having a chat. One of the stories we were told left us saddened, but not shocked, as we had heard similar stories before.

The story was about a pregnant mum who had gone into hospital and had sadly lost her baby. I don’t recall how far along the pregnancy was, but the word ‘tiny’ stuck in my head.

Her partner had not been able to be there with her, as sometimes happens with a sudden loss, but as he walked into a room he was met with a sigh that no one should see. Their baby had been placed in a box and just left on the window sill. There seemed a lack of compassion or maybe it was just routine to do this. Either way it showed a lack of respect for the baby or the emotions and feelings of the parents.

The bay was tiny, too small to be wrapped up in a normal blanket or laid in a full sized cot, but there was no reason why the baby should have been treated like that. Something else needed to be done for these tiny Angel babies.

and it was…..

Kerry Ann and Stacey didn’t sit idle, they began and continue with a campaign to find, but or have wool donated and make tiny knitted baskets, blankets and pillows for tiny little Angel babies. Tiny cots, where tiny Angel babies fit snugly and be held by their parents.

All over the world there are tiny Angel babies who may be left in boxes in inappropriate places, not allowing their parents the chance to hold them.

The JJ forever beds are easy to make, and don’t take long to make so if you have any spare wool, spare time and the inclination then please make some and take them to your local hospital bereavement midwife or maternity unit. Your small gesture can help bring some comfort to some devastated Angel parents.

The pattern for the JJ forever beds is on the blue picture.


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