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How do you scrapbook DC artwork?

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doublehelpings Fri 12-Feb-16 07:18:33

Hi - I've been collecting my DC artwork from home and preschool and putting it into a scrapbook.

I bought a big brown scrapbook from paperchase and am just pritt sticking in the things they bring home.

When I'm finished with this scrapbook I'd like to get a bit more professional with the next one. My DH saw me putting some of their stuff in the other evening and told me the pritt stick doesn't last for years so all the stuff will fall out. Plus the pritt stick is making all of the pages thicker and a bit crumpled.

So what do I need to buy in terms of glueing supplies? Do I need acid and lignin (sp) free stuff or is that just for when sticking photos? At the moment I don't have time for anything other than sticking the stuff in so I'm not thinking of scrapbooking in the real hobby sense.

Finally has anyone used the online/digital services to record children's artwork into a photo book or some thing? How did it work? Cost? What sites? Do you lose the nostalgic feeling with a printed book?

Sorry for all of the questions and thanks!

Icouldbeknitting Sat 13-Feb-16 17:21:22

I'm guessing that your children are still small? If I'd kept all my son's creations I would need a storage unit by now. I have a file full of some of the good drawings, the rest were displayed for an appropriate period and then replaced with something newer. I took photos of a few of them before they went into the recycling. I was buying A3 drawing paper five packs at a time in his most productive years, he would sit and draw by the hour and you cannot keep it all.

Don't bother with the archival stuff for the scrapbook, it's a waste because the original artwork will have been created on cheap paper that itself will not last forever. I have a framed drawing of "Mumy" that is now yellow and faded, I got ten years out of it but I think it will be invisible in another ten.

doublehelpings Sat 13-Feb-16 18:58:22

Thanks. I think this is the thing - they don't keep well/there's just too much of it. Starting to think photo books might be the way to go after looking on Pinterest. There's also some nice examples of framed collages of photos of their artwork.

My DH got back some items from storage last weekend which had some primary school stuff in it. It had kept well but it's not like he's going to keep looking at it so I think a photo book might actually be more practical.

Thanks for the advice - much appreciated. Yes they are still small and both in preschool. Lots of 'masterpieces' coming home each day.

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