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If I melt a cheap candle and add essential oils...

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yankeecandle4 Wed 11-Nov-15 17:31:03

will it be a scented candle?

I spent today melting the remains of Yankee candles to make new candles. It got me thinking that if I bought a candle from the pound shop, melted it and then added fragrance/essential oils then it would be much cheaper than the expensive ones and they might be nice presents.

I don't really know about candle making, so would appreciate a yay or nay.

TheHouseOnTheLane Thu 12-Nov-15 01:34:36

I found this on another forum

make candles and the rule of thumb for most any wax is 1/2 oz to 1 ounces FO to 1 lb of wax .So weigh your wax and go from there .I would be careful adding it to the wax pool it could give you flareups,not all oils have the same flash points and never use orange EO it will give you a fuel smell and flare ups , and that would not be good .Most Essential oils are safe though just do a little research if you want to use them .But go ahead melt those old candles ,have fun with your own combinations .

toastyarmadillo Thu 12-Nov-15 03:52:47

Just questioning if you could end up with something more flammable than it should be as a candle doing that?

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