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How big should a crochet baby blanket be ?

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PollyannaWhittier Thu 20-Aug-15 20:17:01

As the title really ! My cousin is expecting her first baby in October, and I want to make a blanket for him / her. I've bought the yarn and chosen the pattern (Attic 24 ripple) but I don't know what size to make it. I was thinking moses basket / car seat sized, but I don't know what measurements that would be (clueless non parent !)
Any suggestions gratefully received smile

SoupDragon Thu 20-Aug-15 21:44:18

I think the car seat/pram sized ones I've done are about 60-65 cm wide and as long as necessary to make a balanced looking rectangle!

Joopy Thu 20-Aug-15 21:46:46

I've just measured one of mine, it's 60cm by 80cm.
My DS was 50cm when he was born if that helps.

PandaG Thu 20-Aug-15 21:50:29

About 60 by 80cm. I've just done one in 20cm squares and did 3x4 squares and that was about right. In the middle of another but run out of yarn. Highly recommend stylecraft special dk - inexpensive and washes well - important for a newborn.

MissRainbowBrite Thu 20-Aug-15 21:50:29

My Mum crocheted a couple for me when DD was born and they are about 24x36 inches. DD was a winter baby so they were only used in her pram and Moses basket doubled over when she was tiny. Then by the time she was a bit bigger just single layer.

PollyannaWhittier Fri 21-Aug-15 09:21:27

Thank you for the replies. I will go with 60x80 cm ish as that seems to be the general consensus smile

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