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Janome MC 8200 QC machine

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pippydoo Wed 17-Jun-15 15:51:58

Hi , Just wondered if anyone has experience of this sewing machine?

I am thinking of upgrading from my little ( but perfectly formed) Janome after 4 happy years and really fancy one of these mainly because of the extended working space. I hope to get better at free motion quilting.

I have seen it at £999 ( which is a huge amount I know) but is a sale proce and 500 less that MRP.

Any thoughts? TIA

fortifiedwithtea Tue 23-Jun-15 15:04:32

No experience of this machine but just wanted to say Wow that is a bargain shock smile

It sounds like you have outgrown your current machine and proposed machine has features you are looking for. Go on treat yourself smile

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