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knitting pattern help!!

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nothernexposure Thu 08-Jan-15 16:46:12

Once again I've been stumped by the instructions so I'm asking the wise mner's to help out. I'm knitting a Debbie Bliss Herringbone Jacket from the weekenders collection if that helps any one. I've got to the neck edge instructions and need to decrease some stitches. The instructions are

"Cont in pattern until neck edge measures 5 cm ending with a right side row.
Next row - Pattern to end and dec one st over each cable and one st at centre back 155 sts."

What I'm struggling to work out is, with the first instruction should I do the decrease row on the right side, or should I have just knitted a right side row and do the decrease on the wrong side.

On the 2nd instruction, when it says dec one st over each cableI'm guessing that means I just dec 1 st at some point in the cable bit (4 sts). Does that sound right?


BakewellSlice Thu 08-Jan-15 17:03:33

Decrease on following row (wrong side), re decreasing at cable you've the right idea.

nothernexposure Thu 08-Jan-15 23:58:47

Thank you!! Makes sense and looks like it should.

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