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Quick question about pattern

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Rubbishisthebest Thu 18-Dec-14 11:27:21

Am trying to make a baby ball, brain feeling fuzzy due to drugs in hospital at mo. If pattern says 1 dc in next stitch, 2 dc, rep from to end. Do I do one dc in one stich, then two dc in next stitch, or the two dc in same stitch as first DC. Hope that makes some sense....

florentina1 Thu 18-Dec-14 12:45:38

If you are making a circle then it is one dc into first dc two dc into the next, all the way around thus increasing in every other stitch. The next row will be one dc into each of next 2 dc. Then 2dc into the next stitch, increasing in every third dc. This will continue soforth. That is every fourth stitch on fourth row, every fifth stitch on 5th row. Hope I have not confused you more.

PurplePidjingThroughTheSnow Thu 18-Dec-14 12:54:59

Two stitches in the next stitch of the round below, then a stitch in each of the next two.

Sounds like you're on Round 4? You need to work 4 stitches of this round for every 3 of the 3rd round. For round 5 it'll be 5 stitches across 4 of the 4th round etc. That creates a nice smooth circle. To decrease the other end, you'll work 4 stitches into 5, for example - dc2tog then dc in next 3 sts.

Rubbishisthebest Thu 18-Dec-14 15:06:37

Thank you. It's what I ended up doing with a view to undoing it if it looked wrong. Next challenge will be the decreases. It will have taken me all day to of one !!

PurplePidjingThroughTheSnow Thu 18-Dec-14 17:41:43

Assuming UK terminology here, for a dc2tog:

Hook through next stitch

Yarn over

Pull back through - 2 loops on hook

Hook through next stitch

Yarn over

Pull back through

Yarn over

Pull through all three loops on hook

Takes more time to write out than do tbh!

Rubbishisthebest Thu 18-Dec-14 18:15:25

Purplepidjing, thank you. Followed to the letter! Easy when you know how...

PurplePidjingThroughTheSnow Thu 18-Dec-14 22:24:26

happy to help smile hope you're less woozy soon!

DoesntLeftoverTurkeySoupDragOn Fri 19-Dec-14 07:02:35

Oooh! There is a fabulous method for an invisible decrease which is perfect for things like balls.

Rubbishisthebest Sat 27-Dec-14 18:15:08

I need some more help please. I've made a couple of balls and each time haven't had the right number of stitches when increasing. Third time round. I've decided to try and work out what I'm doing wrong... Problem is I can't see it and end up wondering if the pattern is wrong instead. Now, I'm stuffed full of medication and am a week past the latest lot of chemo so accept that my brain may not be working quite clearly. I' going to write down the pattern to see if anyone can kindly point out what I'm doing!

Round 1: 2 ch, 6dc into second ch from hook - fine
Round 2: 2 dc in each st (12 sts) - fine
Round 3: 1 dc in next st, 2 dc, rep from to end (18 sts) - can't get 18
Round 4: 1 dc in next 2 sts, 2 dc, rep from to end (24 sts) - end up with at least 4 more stitches
Round 5: 1 dc in next 3 sts, 2 dc, rep from to end (30sts) - again often end up with more
Rounds 6-10: 1 dc in each st (30 sts)

Decreases are fine.

Thank you

PurplePidjingThroughTheSnow Sat 27-Dec-14 19:03:12

Double crochet in the next stitch

Two double crochets into the same space of the next stitch

Make sure you're going under the top two strands, not in between the "columns" of the previous round (common rookie error till you get used to what you're looking at)

You need to work 3 stitches for every two in round 2 - that's how 12 turns into 18 iyswim

<hopes hasn't muddied waters further>

Rubbishisthebest Sat 27-Dec-14 19:33:51

Thank you. I will have another go and see if I can get 18 stitches in round 3 to start. Know it's not rocket science! So it's really irritating me that I'm getting it wrong .... Will report back ....

PurplePidjingThroughTheSnow Sat 27-Dec-14 20:22:57

It's not rocket science but it is immensely frustrating because what I'm writing won't make sense with what you're looking at until you go Aha! That's what it's supposed to be!

How's the recovery going?

Rubbishisthebest Sat 27-Dec-14 21:51:17

What D'you mean 'under the top 2 strands' Purplepidjing?

CatsClaus Sat 27-Dec-14 22:02:42

like when you do a row of chains and then go back to work the first row into the chain row, you work into the stitch (under the top two strands)

each stitch you do should have an identical finish, and this is the stitch you work into, not into the gap between the stitches/columns

like this picture here work under the top two threads/strands, and not the gaps's a subtle but important difference.

PurplePidjingThroughTheSnow Sat 27-Dec-14 22:40:28

What she said!

Here's another good linkie

Actually I'm rather fond of that whole blog, if you're still laid up and woozy and fancy a read smile

Rubbishisthebest Sun 04-Jan-15 18:14:16

Sorry for radio silence. Huge huge thanks to you all for your help. I finally cracked it and have finished six balls - four of them following your instructions and done correctly! It's such a good feeling to have finally worked it out and I'm looking at them feeling really proud of myself! I'm now going to embark on Attic 24's Jolly Chunky Bag for DD1, having bought the wool some months ago and some hand warmers for my 7 year old twin nieces. Stand by for for more pleas for help as the next round of chemo kicks in!!

PurplePidjingThroughTheSnow Sun 04-Jan-15 18:37:02

Awesome, we'll recruit you for the MN Woolly hugs next wink

Rubbishisthebest Sun 04-Jan-15 18:50:04

I'd definitely be on for that, think it's a really lovely thing......

PurplePidjingThroughTheSnow Sun 04-Jan-15 18:54:12


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