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I need a simple pattern for gypsy skirt

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lucysmam Sun 12-Oct-14 20:19:45

to make dd1 an Anna from Frozen coronation dress...anyone know where's best to look? smile

OwlCapone Mon 13-Oct-14 07:14:10

For £6 you could buy a dedicated pattern

It's not what I would call a gypsy skirt though so I wonder if you need to google something else. To me a gypsy skirt is tiered.

PetulaGordino Mon 13-Oct-14 07:18:33

You could do a long circle skirt? There are lots of tutorials online and it's done on body measurements so you wouldn't need to buy a pattern

lucysmam Mon 13-Oct-14 08:13:44

Thanks for the link Owl I'll have to measure dd after school to see if that pattern would be big enough.

Gypsy skirt was the closest I could think of confused .

I'll google circle skirt tutorials and have a look at those too before I buy anything. Need to make two dresses so the less spent on a pattern the better.

lucysmam Mon 13-Oct-14 08:14:31

(two because dd2 will throw a strop if I don't make her one as well)

OwlCapone Mon 13-Oct-14 08:26:00

The skirt is all pleats with the patterned bit on top and the plain green underneath showing when she twirls. looks complicated to me! Something like this one but longer and without the wrap bit!

The top looks reasonably straight forward.

I'm so glad DD(8) has never wanted anything like this!

ElephantsNeverForgive Mon 13-Oct-14 08:29:11

Honestly you are going to do well to make that for less than buying one.

lucysmam Mon 13-Oct-14 09:26:08

MIL's dsis is a seamstress & has vast quantities of fabrics lurking around, she was going to me my first port of call before I buy anything.

The dress doesn't come in a big enough size for dd1 unless I buy an adult small, which is going to cost an arm and a leg probably. I haven't actually looked. Just figured I'd make it since the age 13 one I bought for her is too small.

lucysmam Mon 13-Oct-14 09:28:06

I wonder if I could get away with stitching triangular (with straight top edge) pieces together and then attach a waistband - alternate something with a flower pattern with green? Might be close enough to do the job...maybe.

trice Mon 13-Oct-14 09:38:09

I think you should ask your seamstress friend. I would cut an ankle length 8 gored skirt pattern then cut and spread for the pleats. It wouldn't be too difficult for an experienced dressmaker. It won't save you money though.

lucysmam Mon 13-Oct-14 10:00:49

I will do tomorrow afternoon, we're off to MIL's for birthday tea and she's likely to be there.

OwlCapone Mon 13-Oct-14 10:01:46

Look at the pictures on the pattern I linked to. There is a very good one of a yellow version where the skirt is all spread out in a circle around the girl.

PedantMarina Mon 13-Oct-14 10:06:20

Buy a black velvet bustier, then size it down or cinch it up the back. Add the little wisps of sleeves (a bit of olive sheer fabric). The decor at the front can be done with applique (or embroidery, if you have the time).

The skirt is simply upholstery fabric - solid stripes interspaced with ornate stripes. NOT A CIRCLE SKIRT - cut as a rectangle, box pleats to put the solid colours below, then gathered around the top as well and to fit the waist. Attach it to the bustier if you can.

Don't forget some nice petticoats!

lucysmam Mon 13-Oct-14 10:21:07

I'm useless at pleats (and pockets). Have just rung MIL, she's going to come up and instruct me as I do it so should turn out alright (she used to work as a seamstress years ago).

Shall have a nip to the upholstery fabric stall on the market at the weekend and see what they have that I could use for it.

For the top I was just goint to cut the bottom of a vest top into a 'v', add little puff sleeves and some gold ribbon along the v. Then a few sparkly jewels in the same sort of pattern as the one in the film.

PedantMarina Mon 13-Oct-14 10:40:13

Not all pleats are easy but these should be! You're really only just folding, then running a nice big fat thread through the folds to keep them in place.

If it's a vest top, it's not going to support the weight of even a lightweight skirt, let alone one made of upholstery fabric. So you'll have to make a waistband for the skirt.

Going to post pictures? We loves da crafty-porn, we does.

lucysmam Mon 13-Oct-14 11:00:24

I was going to do it as separates, rather than as a dress. I'm thinking the v at the front will hide the waistband & leave the back as it is so that covers it too. Elasticated waist to allow for growth/shrinkage in dd (doubt she's going to shrink tbh, I'll be being looked down on in another few months at this rate).

grin I will post pics if successful am not showing off disasters to you lot

ElephantsNeverForgive Mon 13-Oct-14 11:20:26

I've been playing with it in my mind and I'd concluded exactly the same thing.

Without the V front it looks wrong and with it, it's difficult/impossible to elasticated the skirt to make the costume last.

My thoughts for a top were either a vest top as you suggest (in which case I'd be really tempted to line the front with a second layer of black Tshirt material to give the point some weight.

Or make a lace backed top, that adjusts, like my ball dress has.

lucysmam Mon 13-Oct-14 11:44:50

I have a pattern somewhere from a ball gown I made years ago. That had a laced back. I think the practise run I did out of scraps might still be with it too. I'm off in the garage shortly for a paint roller and tray so will have a rummage in my boxes of college stuff while I'm out there.

I think I have a pattern that would make her an Elsa dress too IIrc that would just need tracing off the original & some sparkly net attaching at the back.

Christ I hope fabric's not tooooo pricey these days!

ElephantsNeverForgive Mon 13-Oct-14 12:10:44

Fabric and Haberdashery bits are insane at full price, markets are your friends. Every tiny one has a haberdashery stall, but best of all is a trip to a big city. Birmingham rag market of course, Sheffield was my haunt as a kid making barbie clothes.

this place is heaven, if you can get to Birmingham don't be put off by the name, it's has loads of cheap stuff. You do need google maps, they had to move when the bull ring was built (they used to be 1/2 shop 1/2 market stall in the old scruffy one)

lucysmam Mon 13-Oct-14 12:23:15

It came up as a blank link sad

Will google when I've finished taking up the last bit of dd2's Halloween dress.

I'm in Doncaster. There were a couple of decent shops and market stalls when I used to do a lot of sewing. The shops have gone between then and now though and market has just been revamped so I haven't had a mooch around yet to see what's still there.

ElephantsNeverForgive Mon 13-Oct-14 12:43:15

Sorry works on my phone

If your up that way, you should have proper old markets. As I said I used to buy all sorts in Sheffield market.

lucysmam Mon 13-Oct-14 13:04:42

Ours has just been done up - all fancy new stalls. Dp's mam said some of the traders weren't there any more but I'll go and see what there is.

Could always jump on the bus to Sheffield one day too, not been to Sheffield for ages.

PedantMarina Mon 13-Oct-14 13:11:31

Oooh, fabric shopping talk! >swoons happily<

ElephantsNeverForgive Mon 13-Oct-14 14:39:00

No idea if Sheffield is any good, probably not been for almost 30 years.

I was born there, and went back to see family every holiday, but gradually GPs and great aunts died and cousins moved away and I have no reason to go back sad

lucysmam Mon 13-Oct-14 16:01:54

I haven't been for a good few years either. They did up the markets there recently as well, last year or maybe the year before.

Maybe it's time for me to go wandering & see what gems are to be had grin

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