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DIY Wall Quote Help Please.

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CindySkewbald Wed 30-Apr-14 15:02:49

Hi everyone,

I've recently redecorated my 9yo dd's bedroom and I'd like to put a quote on the boxed in beam which she will be able to see when she is lying in bed (something along the lines of 'pick your bloody clothes up... wink). I've got really crappy writing and I've never done anything like this before. I want it to be a particular colour but I have no idea how to go about it. Buying stencils is fairly pricey (I want upper and lower case) and custom made is way out of the budget which is around £5 at the moment.

Does anyone have any advice on how I should go about this? The quote I want to put up is lovely and I want the writing to be lovely too.

Many thanks.

wonkylegs Wed 30-Apr-14 15:50:41

Have you got a printer & computer at home? If so print out the quote at actual size on acetate (if you have an inkjet printer you need to buy inkjet acetate either from staples/whsmiths or online) and very carefully using a sharp craft knife or scalpel cut out the letters to make your own stencil.
Put several layers of old cardboard under whilst you are cutting. Take it slowly and it will be neater.

wonkylegs Wed 30-Apr-14 15:51:58

You can then tape you stencil(s) up and carefully use them to paint your quote.

cate16 Wed 30-Apr-14 15:56:49

If you can get hold of an old overhead projector you can use that to display the image onto the wall and fill it in. Handy as you can move the image around to see where it looks good.

Strawdolly Sat 03-May-14 14:21:44

Or if you have carbon paper you could print off the quote and pencil round the letters straight onto the wall and fill it in.

Floggingmolly Sat 03-May-14 14:25:27

What quote is it? <nosy>

plipplops Sat 10-May-14 16:32:27

Do you have an arty friend you could give a bottle of wine/tenner to and ask them to do it?

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