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So,I have a 111 year old fully working Singer sewing machine..

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and want to start making dresses for me and some bags and accessories,just how useful will my ancient Singer be?

Should I desperately try to win a decent modern machine and leave the Singer as a thing of beauty?Or is she useful to use for a while?

TheMagicToyshop Tue 29-Apr-14 14:10:38

They are things of beauty aren't they? I used to have a Singer when I was young and helped a friend get to grips with one recently. How fully working is fully working? I find they can get jammed or have issues and it can be tricky to get a neat finish in the same way you would on a modern machine. But on the flipside it can be easier to control than an electric pedal. So maybe try out a few projects and see how it works for you?

I'd imagine they'd be good for dresses and bags - small fiddly things might be tricky (I used to make doll clothes on mine which was not the easist thing to do!) and I wouldn't want to make curtains or anything huge as I feel like my arm might fall off.

RavenRose Tue 29-Apr-14 19:41:02

I have several old singers. The latest is a 1952 201k. I love them and use them exclusively now. My computerised brother machine will be on ebay soon.

The quality of the stitching is much better in the singers. My brother can't compete so it has to go as I now have 10 machines. I just love old singers! I also learnt on an old treadle

Do you know the model you have? You can find I out from the serial number here:

I'd give it a try first. There's quite a lot of info and you tube stuff out there on threading, sorting out tension etc.

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