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Tunisian crochet

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storynanny Tue 18-Feb-14 11:43:14

Anyone an expert? Thought I would have a go as a change from knitting and crochet. It looks quite dense in texture, what is it good for making? Is it too dense for baby items? Also, is the width you can crochet limited like knitting because of stitches on the hook?

katcatkat Tue 18-Feb-14 12:34:42

I tried it recently to make something its fairly easy and fairly dense and stiff im not sure it would be great for baby clothes.
It is width limited unless you can get one of the sets where you attach a crochet hook to circular needles.
I was making a tie for a costume so I just used a normal crochet hook as it was not very wide.

whatdoesittake48 Tue 18-Feb-14 14:20:13

I tried it for the first time a while back. My hook was long enough to allow me to cast on about 20 stitches and i made a washcloth out of 100% cotton.

it was great - nice and thick.

Would be perfect for good firm cushion covers, pot holders, placemats and coasters - stuff like that. Plus you can do some really nice colour combinations which look great.

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