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I want to crochet lovely, slightly shiny Christmas decs with a 2.5mm hook. Yarn?

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potatofactory Fri 27-Sep-13 19:42:30

Thanks for the tip, whatdoesittake smile

whatdoesittake48 Fri 27-Sep-13 11:35:40

I make xmas stars for hanging on the tree out of plain white yarn and then stiffen them with PVA glue which has had some glitter added. the PVA dries clear and the glitter is really pretty.

Much cheaper than buying glitter yarn

potatofactory Thu 26-Sep-13 17:04:04

And thanks Rooner - I'm pleased with them so far!

potatofactory Thu 26-Sep-13 17:03:33

I had a necklace as a child which was a marble, crocheted over to make a bauble thing - in gold thread - I loved it! I'll check out attic 24 - I like her things . Thanks all smile

SoupDragon Thu 26-Sep-13 16:45:02

I think Lucy of Attic24 has just spent time crocheting over what looked like those plastic ball pit balls.

Rooners Thu 26-Sep-13 16:15:45

You've just reminded me of something beautiful we had as children - it may or may not have been a Christmas bauble, but it had a shiny, stretchy crocheted covering and was so pretty...I think it was some kind of ball actually.

Anyone remember those?

The decs sound beautiful, Potato.

SoupDragon Thu 26-Sep-13 16:05:39


I am impressed with the quality of all the varieties of Drops yarn I've tried so far. Great value for money.

potatofactory Thu 26-Sep-13 16:03:42

oh lovely - sounds good - I'm getting some! Thank you...

SoupDragon Thu 26-Sep-13 14:14:31

It's lovely. Very soft so it may well crochet nice and firmly on a smaller hook size. Not too shiny but it is a shine rather than a light sheen IYSWIM!

potatofactory Thu 26-Sep-13 12:48:11

Oh do tell!

SoupDragon Thu 26-Sep-13 07:06:21

I wonder if it may be too shiny.

Mine should arrive today so will see it in real life smile

potatofactory Wed 25-Sep-13 22:18:30

That's got a lovely sheen - very nice indeed!

potatofactory Wed 25-Sep-13 18:27:45

Ooh thanks - yes that's an option if I like the yarn! Looking now...

SoupDragon Wed 25-Sep-13 10:32:17

I've just ordered This Drops cotton viscose with a view to making candy canes. It uses a 3.5mm hook though so it's thicker than you wanted... is a thicker yarn an option?

potatofactory Tue 24-Sep-13 21:40:45

And thank you - will look into the rayon!

potatofactory Tue 24-Sep-13 21:40:19

It's not that exciting - just mini globes, with two colours, in contrasting colours, so they look like they have been 'dipped' - they're stuffed with a little bell inside... (& I use the end if the thread to make the hanging bit, if that makes sense...

abbathehorse Tue 24-Sep-13 13:11:59

Intruigued by your decorations potato what kind of things are you making?
Vintage rayon crochet thread has a nice sheen to it and can be cheap if you get lucky in a charity shop, or maybe eBay...

potatofactory Tue 24-Sep-13 06:48:37

Thank you! Looking now ...

TheWoollybacksWife Mon 23-Sep-13 22:53:47

I have found this but haven't used it. The blurb on another website says that it is used with a 2mm to 3mm hook. There is 25g in each ball, so hopefully will last a little longer than a spool of embroidery thread.

potatofactory Mon 23-Sep-13 21:37:14

That's it really - am using embroidery thread, which looks lovely, but which is expensive - it's taking one spool of thread per decoration, and I'd like to make loads... All tips gratefully received smile

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