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Using a favourite dress as a template

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kittydinner Tue 26-Mar-13 18:28:53

Hi there,
Bit of an odd question I know, but has anyone ever tried to replicate a favourite item of clothing by using the original as a template? I got an awesome dress on eBay, I've not been able to find anything else like it and I want more! I don't really want to unpick it... and I don't really have any dressmaking skills. But I am crafty. And tenacious. Is it possible?

purplewithred Tue 26-Mar-13 18:31:34

Blimey, hard without unpicking it and very hard with no sewing skills. Take it to a dressmaker!

soaccidentprone Tue 26-Mar-13 18:39:45

it could be possible - it depends on the style of the dress ie pleats, darts, draping etc

I would use each piece of dress as a template to draw round on pattern paper, not forgetting to add on a seam.

I would then make up a cheap copy in calico or something similar before committing myself to the real thing. however I did dressmaking for 'a' level.

if I were you I would have a go myself if it was a straightforward shift dress or similarly styled dress. anything more complicated I would try and find a local sewing group to help.

good lucksmile

flubba Wed 27-Mar-13 08:24:51

what soaccidentprone says, although make sure the practice fabric is similar to the one you'll end up using (so, if you're planning on making something swishy, that you don't practise on thick cotton as the sewing would be totally different). Do you have a sewing machine?

JamNan Wed 27-Mar-13 13:31:15

What soaccident and flubba say ^

I use a roll of lining paper or brown wrapping paper. Iron it first to stop it rolling up. Lay it out on the ironing board (or you could use a large piece of cardboard or a carpet on the floor). Then lay your garment over the top. Working on one pattern piece at a time lay it flat and outline it using a large sturdy pin or better still a tracing wheel by pricking along the seams to transfer the shape to the paper underneath. Then add your seam allowance and mark left/right, right side/wrong side. You can buy a tracing wheel and a special ruler or quilters template for this at most good haberdashery shops.

If your garment pieces are symmetrical you only have to trace round half of it and then when you come to cut out the fabric you double it over and lay the straight edge on the fold. IYSWIM

This tutorial might help It is possible if the dress is a simple shape but you might need a little sewing skill. Here are lots of good online tutorials to get you started. Good luck anyway. smile

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