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Expert knitters needed, please help me figure out this pattern before I go mad!

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undertheboredwalk Sun 17-Feb-13 14:31:24

I offered to have a go at a Bergere De France pattern for MIL who bought the wool etc but couldn't do the pattern, it is driving me to distraction and I can't give up, I must beat it!

It's the tunic pattern here on page four.

I can't even start the bloody thing, it took me ages to figure out the odd cable thing, have got that now, but I can't get the laddering between each cabling section.

Pattern reads:


stst 2 rows

4sts st-st, * 14sts cable A, YO (to be worked as reverse st-st) (this will form ladder), 1st reverse st-st, YO * repeat 3times more, then 14sts cable A, 4sts st-st.

I am to end up with 90 sts, which adds up for four repeats of the two YO's.

Where I'm confused is the later rows, that instruction tells me what to do on the first row, the 14sts cable A, actually goes for 8 rows, the next 7 just being st-st anyway. so I do the 1st row with those instructions above, what do I put between the 14sts of cable pattern in the following 7 rows? All I can see is that the first YO is to later be worked as a reverse st-st. I have tried lots of times and I just end up with it all knitted across not a laddering like in the picture.

Am tearing my hair out!

Just for clarity the pattern next tells me what to do when work measures 13cm which is after the 8 rows of cable. So definitely nothing else about those rows.

Anyone shed any light?

LtheWife Sun 17-Feb-13 15:30:28

Link isn't working so can't see the pattern. Could it be that it tells you to drop a stitch later on to form the ladder? I've knitted patterns in the past that require a column of reverse st-st and at the end drop that stitch and unravel it to create a ladder.

undertheboredwalk Sun 17-Feb-13 15:35:24

Not sure why it's not working, seems ok for me. There is another pic of it here can't zoom in on this one though. I don't think it's a dropped stitch ladder, there's no mention in the pattern, and it says for the end of that section that I should have 90sts, that only works if I keep all of them.

I may end up hurling this pattern out of the window!

undertheboredwalk Sun 17-Feb-13 15:39:17

Never mind LtheWife , you are right! Just scanned ahead for what must be the millionth time and saw the instruction to drop the stitches. Thanks for making me look again to be sure grin
Off to try it again...I suspect I'll be back for something else though. I can very much recommend not attempting expert level Bergere patterns grin

tribpot Sun 17-Feb-13 15:43:18

I think you must be able to see the text of the pattern because you've bought it - the free version just has the pic. What a great design - looks bloody difficult though grin

Definitely a dropped stitch ladder to create that effect.

LtheWife Sun 17-Feb-13 16:05:53

That was a lucky guess, I couldn't even see the picture in the original link on my iPad! Glad you've solved it now under. Oh how I wish all patterns came with charts like complex lace patterns, I find them to much easier to see at a glance what's going on.

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