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I want to crochet a single crochet flat circle. Is it easy?

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ssaw2012 Thu 14-Feb-13 12:10:56

Thewoollybackswife, I does look like a single crochet in US. I thought it was in English. May be that is why I was confused with my search for the patterns. Thank you for the link. Will try it this evening.

TheWoollybacksWife Thu 14-Feb-13 11:28:15

When you say single crochet are you using the US term?

If so I found this one which uses (US) single crochet = UK double crochet.

ssaw2012 Thu 14-Feb-13 11:14:16

I cannot seem to find easy instructions to crochet flat circle in single crochet. Most of the patterns are in htr including the one by Lucy. If someone could share wih me a link that would be very much appreaciated. I have got some leftover yarn and would like to crochet a few flat circles but in single crochet. Thank you so much.

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