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I have jsut discovered Kam Snaps!

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nickelrocketgoBooooooom Wed 07-Nov-12 12:52:26

I have just discovered Kam SNaps and I am in luuuuurve!

soooo much easier than the metal ones with the nasty prongs that stick into your fingers and make them bleed instead of clipping into the pliers (or the fiddly clamp thing that you have to hammer on the wooden chopping board and wake the baby)

instructions on youtube and it's actually as easy as she says, too!

i got them from and they arrived the next day.

I have already had a go at putting a yellow pair of snaps onto a muslin cloth.

this is like Laminator-Gate - by the end of the day, everything in the shop will be attached with Kam Snaps grin

nickelrocketgoBooooooom Wed 07-Nov-12 12:52:50

that's not the right website - it was

i cannot type. blush

Seabright Sun 11-Nov-12 11:25:47

What do you use them for? It's not clear (to me, anyway!) from the website

queenofthepirates Sun 11-Nov-12 11:43:25

OMG they are so brilliant if you have kids!

I have replaced velcro on kid's shoes with KAM snaps when the velcro fails
Used them for nappies
Just made a jewellery roll using snaps for the ring holders
Used them for finishing off duvet covers
On a hand knitted jumper rather than buttons
and so many other things......

You could actually Kam snap your child to the naughty step if you were of a mind to....

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