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Sewing people/dressmakers- what do you have in your kit?

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I'm trying to start sewing and making my DD some clothes. So far I have- dressmaking scissors, hand sewing kit- needles, thread etc, pins and lots of old clothes!! Getting a sewing machine of MIL tonight smile what do you have in your kit and what essentials will I need?!

SewCrafty Wed 14-Sep-11 10:44:45

Seam ripper(s) at least 2. small sharp scissors plus a large pair for paper, helps keep your dressmaking scissors sharp. My magnetic pincushion is something I'd find hard to do without, just throw the pins at it, and use it to find pins on floor too.

byanymeans Wed 14-Sep-11 10:50:06

I started with a basic kit of:
fabric scissors, a pair of small and a pair of large
hand sewing needles,
a very bright cotton (neon green or pink) for tacking things together so you can see it to take it out again.
Tape measure and ruler,
Tailors chalk, or pencil,
paper scissor (so you are never ever temped to just cut little bit if paper with your fabric scissorswink)
Little dress pins,
Quick unpick (seam ripper)
Pin cushion, (I would make it as your first project to make)

Also in my basic kit:
Bigger colored head (iron proof) pins are also some times handy
calculator for when you just cant think,
A note book with mine, my sons, aunties, partners, measurements in them so don't have to keep saying can I just measure your waist again...

Always have a iron to hand if are making clothes pressing seams is very important.

Then watch Whitney Sews

CharCharGabor Wed 14-Sep-11 10:50:07

I have far too much tbh, am a bit of a sewing stuff hoarder! The things I use regularly though are - seam ripper, small scissors for snipping threads and big scissors for paper, pins, spare machine needles, paper (I use the big rolls of brown parcel paper), pencil, ruler, tape measure, machine thread (I use white for as much as I can) and embroidery thread. Happy sewing! smile

Oooh I can see this getting expensive grin lol thank u for the replies I may have to take a trip to the fabric shop tomorrow and get some equipment!! And that YouTube girl has soooo many videos hopefully I can learn the basics!

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