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thinking of buying a knitting machine, anyone got any advice?

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merrywidow Mon 30-May-11 17:27:35

which make, what type?

I already handknit but would like to investigate a machine, but don't know where to begin!

moominthecorner Tue 07-Jun-11 18:38:16


mrsmoores Mon 27-Jun-11 14:46:17

I bought my knitting machine not too long ago and have booked a machine knitting course for September. I have hardly used it but I think that is because I need a bit of help and to get a bit of motivation, it is not as straightforward as I thought it would be.

I did quite a bit of research into this before I decided to buy one and here are a few things I discovered.

You have to have a fair bit of space for one of these machines, they are big and heavy and not something you can do in front of the tv, I have a dedicated workspace for mine.

Stitches that are fairly easy in handkntting can be a bit of a pain on a machine and I'm hoping my course will be able to teach me some shortcuts.

If you want to do rib or garter stitch you need a ribber attachment and garter stitch bar, the machine will do standard stocking stitch.

There isn't a machine that will knit all wool, as with needles you need a different machine for different wool thinknesses.

I bought a machine that works with chunky and aran weight yarns but since have found it quite hard to get wool on a cone that isn't acrylic so that may be something to think about. I was used to working with rowan and debbie bliss type wools but as yet have not found a similar product for a machine. But I will keep trying!

Sorry if this comes across as negative but on the plus side I made a lovely baby jumper in an hour which by hand would have taken me a couple of days!

I think once I have done my course I will get the bug for it again as I'm terrible for switching from one thing to another.

I found these web pages really helpful

what every hand knitter should know
which machine
wool weights for machines

Hope that help!

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