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Making pots of bulbs for presents - help with painting pots please!

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loves2cycle Wed 01-Dec-10 12:28:04

I have a plan for my children to make inexpensive presents for their grandparents by potting up some bulbs in terracotta pots and giving them with instructions of how to keep them.

The kids would choose the bulbs and they also want to paint/decorate the pots themselves.

Does anyone know which sort of paint to get to use on such pots? Also DS1 wants to use spray paint in gold and silver - not sure if this will work?

We are not that crafty so might all turn out a bit messy which is why I'm posting here for any ideas to help us out?

EauRouge Wed 01-Dec-10 12:35:33

That's a lovely idea for a present! I've tried using spray paint on terracotta pots before and it came off eventually although that might have been because the pots were outdoors. Maybe if you used a primer or something it would work better. Lots of articles on how to do it here.

I am absolutely stealing your idea for next year grin

loves2cycle Wed 01-Dec-10 12:47:43

Thanks so much eaurouge - what a useful website!

I got the idea from a sunday paper and thought grandparents would love it. I imagine pots with pretty spring coloured pink and yellow designs and simple white flowers, but of course my kids probably want to paint them all Christmassy which will look a bit odd in march when the bulbs come up!

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