to do the NIPT test or not

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booflebaby Tue 05-Mar-19 11:38:18

So yesterday I had my 12 week scan unfortunately baby wouldn't lay how he/she was suppose too. So after 2 attempts we couldn't be screened for downs etc. Because they couldn't measure the fluid at the back of baby's neck. Therefore in a couple of weeks I have to go back for the quads blood test. I believe that this blood test on its on is less reliable than having the scan and the blood test and the quad test only tests for downs.

Do you guys think it's worth ringing my midwife and speaking to her regarding the harmony test (NIPT) you can get done. Which is where again they take blood from me and look for baby's DNA in my blood (cos apparently there is little traces) and test for downs Edward's and pataus and it is more accurate than what is offered on NHS. My partner wants all the info regarding how healthy baby is etc. Hence he wants to do the test.

I'm 27 and this is our first baby.

TL;DR baby wouldn't behave at 12 week scan so couldn't measure the fluid at the back of his neck. Don't know whether to do the NIPT test

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NeedAMakeover Wed 06-Mar-19 05:06:35

Personally I would have the NIPT. it’s not diagnostic, but much more accurate than either nhs test.
I had it at 10wks because i wanted to know as early as possible if baby had Edwards/patau.
My concerns were the wait for

NeedAMakeover Wed 06-Mar-19 05:09:13

Pressed post too soon...
I wanted to know early as knew I would opt for abortion if baby had problems. Would rather an early termination to 16+ Wks depending on waiting times.

2childrenandout Wed 06-Mar-19 05:16:48

Our DS was exactly the same at 12 week scan. So went back for the quad test. Our daughter born 2016 had 1:12,000 chance our son born 2018 had 1:350. I didn't have any further testing but spent the whole pregnancy worrying. I wish I'd had the NIPT test.

FJRogers Wed 06-Mar-19 05:53:06

Hey, we had the same happen at our 12 week scan so had the quad test, which came back low risk (1 in 2500 I think). However at the 20 week scan 2 soft markers were noticed, which we were told by the consultant trumps the original blood test low risk result. We were offered an amniocentesis, but decided to pay for a private NIPT (we went for the Nifty brand as they offered it without a scan so was about £150 less than the harmony and they could do it that weekend). The results came back low risk, something like 1 in 34808167, so reassuring.
It was definitely worth it for peace of mind and we've said we'd do it straight away for any future pregnancies.

BTW, you aren't in Wales are you, where it's offered on the NHS if your screening test comes back high risk, (I'm sure my midwife mentioned this)

booflebaby Sat 09-Mar-19 22:17:35

Hey ladies.

Sorry for not replying I didn't realise you had replied to me. We went for the NIPT we are booked in for Tuesday. Can't wait to see baby again and see how much they grow I'm a week smile.
Unfortunately I am not in Wales.

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