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Zika virus exposure and pregnant

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Fefifoefum Wed 05-Jul-17 22:50:12

I need some advice/someone with some experience.
We went to Mexico on holiday and when we booked I read the advice on Zika and conception and it said to wait 28 days, we ended up concieving very quickly, I'm now 4+4 pregnant and we have been back for 9 weeks.
However the guidelines have changed (or I didn't read the most up to date?!) and now reccomend women wait 8 weeks to conceive and if men have been to wait 6 months (can be sexually transmitted?).
We didn't have any symptoms and I was only bitten twice and my DH not at all.

Has anyone got any experience of the tests? Do I ring the midwife service, despite being so early/no contact yet? Do I need bloods? I'm worried this is going to hang over the whole pregnancy.
Advice for an overly worried lady please!

Gunpowder Thu 06-Jul-17 12:22:10

I don't have experience of this but a friend got tested for Zika in London. It cost about £150. I think the results took about a week. I would imagine given you are pregnant you would be able to get testing on the NHS. I'd speak to your GP. Chances are you are fine, but like you I wouldn't want it hanging over me. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Jessybear90 Thu 06-Jul-17 19:40:07

Hi OP I can confirm that you cannot get a test for Zika on the NHS you will have to pay for a private test. The reason being the government board for health says pregnant women must avoid travelling to a Zika country and think twice about the timing of TTC. I know this because we booked to go to a Zika country and then I fell pregnant and we researched it to see if we could get tested etc then decided almost straight away it wasn't worth the risk so we changed the destination.

I highly highly doubt you would have contacted it, if you hardly got bitten because not every single insect is a carrier but the risk is still there (however small or unlikely that may be) if you really are worried just get a private blood test, think they are around £150 x

GlitteryFluff Thu 06-Jul-17 19:45:24

I'd have the test to put your mind at rest flowers

onemoremummy Wed 09-Aug-17 22:59:28

I did lots of research on this as I was so worried about it, and read somewhere that the 8 weeks is to be super conservative, that what they know is that the virus can live in the body for up to 2 weeks from when you get symptoms. So really even if you had zika on your last day your baby would most likely be fine. There are no (ZERO!) known cases of a baby having problems for pregnancies which started after having the virus, only when women had the virus when they were still pregnant.

user1499087140 Mon 23-Oct-17 22:32:58

I just wondered how you got on with the midwife and what the advice was?
We visited Mexico over 4 months ago and aren’t TTC.

Fefifoefum Tue 24-Oct-17 10:57:22

The midwife was not concerned in the slightest! She said the odds were so low, and you can’t be tested after that long so we’d just have to wait and see. I think so little is known about it and the advice is worst case.

I’m 21 weeks now and the anomaly scan was all perfectly normal 😊

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