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Surgical abortion with general anesthesia

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Pierce224 Wed 09-Apr-14 23:23:24

I had a surgical abortion today at 5 weeks under general anesthesia. So far everything seems great. I am writing this so nobody is as scared as I was or unsure of the procedure. I remember nothing. I have very little pain. Less than a period. And I feel huge relief. And a sense of happiness. Choice wasn't easy. Not a whole lot of support but I'm standing here hopeful knowing i made the best choice I could.

minipie Wed 09-Apr-14 23:26:47

That's what my experience was like, at around 8 weeks. Glad you know it was the right choice for you (as it was for me) that's the most important thing.

MincingOnBy Wed 09-Apr-14 23:32:14

Glad you are feeling well OP and feeling relieved. Please don't be alarmed if you do start bleeding more though - it is normal to bleed quite heavily or get some clots for a week or so afterwards and it sometimes takes a day or 2 to start.

MincingOnBy Wed 09-Apr-14 23:33:16

... Posted too early. Was going to say perhaps less so at 5 weeks. Take care of yourself x

Pierce224 Thu 10-Apr-14 00:33:29

Yeah. I feel awesome and plan on heading to work tomorrow. I've always been pro choice and took the pill back some time ago the experience was painful but worked.

JonSnowKnowsNothing Thu 10-Apr-14 00:40:31

feel free to ignore or reply by PM, but may I ask why you elected the surgical option at 5 weeks?
I was 11 weeks and chose medical.
Glad you're feeling ok - I did too. I felt inappropriately relieved and happy.

Pierce224 Thu 10-Apr-14 00:45:33

I did the medical alone at 17 with no pain killers. I vaguely remember the experience. It was painful and I got an infection afterwards. I wanted to just have it done and over with instead of pain and bleeding and not knowing when I'd feel like me again. The surgical seemed so much easier and so far I feel like amazing.

Pierce224 Thu 10-Apr-14 00:47:49

I wasn't very far along then either. They didn't even see anything on the ultrasound and gave me the pills anyways. Which was really irresponsible for them but at the time I was so scared I didn't care

Pierce224 Thu 10-Apr-14 00:49:43

I also want to add that I feel women have to be very brave to follow through with any procedure. I hate that prolife nuts have made abortion more difficult and less safe for the staff the women and the doctors.

I'm going for one in a week. Not looking forward to it, struggling with guilt but your post has reassured me somewhat. Glad you're okay.

Pierce224 Thu 10-Apr-14 19:12:48

Do not be scared. I feel very great today. No bleeding and I worked all day on my feet. Still feel great about the decision I made.

sj73 Thu 10-Apr-14 22:51:13

I felt exactly the same. X

MoominsAreScary Thu 10-Apr-14 22:56:16

I had a surgical at about 9weeks years ago, don't think they did medical back then. My experience was the same, bit crampy the first day, light bleeding but other wise fine

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