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Going private for nuchal scan and bloods

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littleomar Fri 03-May-13 17:49:23

Hi. I'm nearly 10 weeks with twins and considering going to the Fetal Medicine Centre for 12 week tests. I'm booked in at a small regional hospital and think it might be better to go somewhere with more experience in multiples, particularly given age (38). I talked to ARC earlier and they were really helpful deciphering the vague "more false positives with twins" I read in the Tamba booklet. FMC has an excellent reputation and I guess I think if they are really more accurate we would be less likely to be in a position where we had to consider invasive tests. If I was in London I'd try and get a referral to one of the big teaching hospitals but that's not an option. Has anyone been to FMC recently? How was it? And will this compromise me later on in pregnancy, if all is well (no intention of going private for the whole thing)?

Sorry for the ramble

Yaya70 Sun 05-May-13 21:07:59

Hi, I went to one of the big London teaching hospitals and then to the FMC for a second opinion and CVS with my twin pregnancy. There was no problem later on because of having had a private scan. It shouldn't compromise you later on with NHS care (FMC don't pass on your notes or anything so there's no way of NHS finding out).

Best of luck!

annaitaliana Wed 08-May-13 12:51:10

I went to the FMC for my 12 wks and 20 wks scan - can't recommend them highly enough. Fantastic customer care, the sonographer was with us over 45 mins each time. Answered all my questions re baby's size, organ development etc. If you book on a Wednesday, Dr Nicolaides is there and he personally checks all of the scans. I've since decided to go fully private, so can't comment on the referring back to NHS, but you do leave with several copies of the report, a DVD of the scan and tons of photos. Good luck!

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