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Troubled by NT result please advise

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Sallypuss Thu 27-Dec-12 16:42:46

Thanks Artigene. Amazed how much your measurements differed between the two scans. I have my fingers crossed for you.

ArtigeneAuberchoke Thu 27-Dec-12 08:57:10

I know how you feel. My DC2 had a nuchal of 3.1mm. NHS said no need for further tests as cardiac scans are only indicated above 3.5mm. But I'd had the combined test privately where they'd recommend a cardiac scan for measurements above 3mm. As it is I did not book a cardiac scan but the NHS dud check carefully at 20 weeks in light of the nuchal.

I'm now pregnant with DC3. Nuchal was 3.2mm. NHS combined gave me a Downs risk of 1:10 and recommended amnio but not a cardiac scan as measurement was still below 3.5mm. I repeated the combined scan privately and despite repeated measurement they could not replicate the NHS measurement so they assessed the nuchal as 2.4mm and with my DS risk as 1:3000 ish. No cardiac scan indicated but I can't relax so I'm having 20 week scan with a private specialist next week.

I have no real advice bit wanted you to know you are not alone.

WizardofOs Wed 26-Dec-12 12:15:04

I think you are worrying completely without cause. If below 3.5 is normal then the result you have is normal. Maybe this baby is just going to be a different size to your first one. This, in my opinion is the massive downside to scans and antenatal tests - all thus worry for nothing.

Sallypuss Wed 26-Dec-12 12:09:06

Thanks for responses. The sonographer's view was that 2.9mm was just outside the normal range which I guess is what's troubling me most.
I've since read on mn and elsewhere on the web that below 3.5mm is considered "normal" but I just can't get the sonographer's words out of my head that it may be indicative of heart problems. She did ask me when she phoned to give me the combined blood test results where I would be having the 20 week scan the implication being that a more thorough scan could be required.

Pineapple80 Wed 26-Dec-12 11:37:32

I understand how you feel. Did you get the Nuchal blood tests done? Because combining these with the measurement is meant to give a more accurate risk ratio. Even then it is just a risk factor and not an indicator that there is an issue.

I had a 2.2mm measurement but part of my blood results were very low and made my risk very high. It was a worrying time for me and ended up having CVS to make sure things were ok and luckily baby is all fine.

I know it's hard but try not to worry. Speak to your midwife and see what their advice is.

ovenchips Wed 26-Dec-12 08:33:25

Sorry you're feeling worried.

My understanding is that your reading is within range. I wasn't aware that if you were in the higher end of the range that made possibilities of problems more likely? What was sonographer's view.

mb2512cat Wed 26-Dec-12 08:25:59

As you said, anything below 3.5 is considered normal, so what makes you concerned about your baby's measurement? It's never going to be zero. Did the sonographer/hospital express concern?

Sallypuss Tue 25-Dec-12 21:39:11

I am pregnant with a much wanted DC2 and we went for a private 12 week scan/nuchal combined test on Friday. I am 12+3 according to my LMP but 13+3 according to the scan dates. Scan appeared normal with the exception of the NT result which was 2.9mm. I was assessed as low risk for Downs and Pataus/Edwards at 1:1699 and 1:2378 which considering my age (39) is reassuring.

I know from reading the many posts on here that the NT result is within the normal range at below 3.5mm but I am troubled that the 2.9mm measurement is an indicator of other problems i.e. heart defects (DD's result was 1.3mm at same gestation). Am I worrying unnecessarily (boy am I worrying!), or should I book a cardiac scan to be cautious? The ultrasound report does say that the heart appears normal but given it was the size of a grain of rice at that stage I guess problems won't become obvious until baby grows. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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