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Anyone had a low PAPP-A and high Nt with a happy outcome?

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Earhat Fri 28-Sep-12 21:35:52


I have already posted on here recently re a high NT result at my 12 week scan but now I've go the bloods back I am concerned about the low PAPP-A reading of 0.23 MOM. I am having a longer wait than expected for my CVS result and it is driving me mad! I should get my results on Monday and would love to know if anyone else has had such low PAPP-A results with a good outcome.
Thank you so much to the lovely ladies who replied to my previous post. Your support has really helped during this painful time.

Merrin Sat 29-Sep-12 13:30:47

We had low PAPP-A and a good outcome. Good luck.

Is low PAPP-A bad? If so, I did. Sorry I can't remember now how it works! Basically, the nuchal fold measurement was a bit high, but not unusually so as I was 13+6 when it was taken. However, that combined with the PAPP-A gave me a Down' score of 1:10. I had an amnio at 16 weeks and the baby was fine - she's now 7 months old and healthy as a horse!

Earhat Fri 12-Oct-12 18:55:39

Thank you for your support on here. Sadly the baby had Patau Syndroome. Trying to move on and inspired to read so many positive stories. I have hope for the future.

I am so sorry to hear that, Earhat. It must be a terribly hard thing to come to terms with. My DD1 was stillborn at 41 weeks so I know a little about what you must be going through. One thing was the overwhelming need to be pg again as soon as possible. I don't know if you feel the same way, but if you do, there's a thread here for people in similar situations, ttc again after losing a baby, who can give amazing support.

Earhat Thu 18-Oct-12 13:57:12

Thank you so much for the link. Very sad to hear about your stillborn, yes it does make you want to try again ASAP! So glad to hear about your healthy baby, can't believe you had to go through all that extra worry! Will click to your link. Thanks again Earhat xxx

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