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Talipes/Amnio/MRI/Chromosomal Issues: positive message

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Leo4 Sat 27-Aug-11 11:08:05

I wrote a post back in may about the decision I had to make on whether to have an amnio or not. I've had a bit of a rollercoaster ride since then and I want to share my story in the hope that people do not go through the stress I have and also to show that even after so much stress there can be a positive end to the story. My original situation was that I tested extremely low risk for downs, Edwards and pataus symdrome. All over 1:20000! Then at 17 weeks roughly I found out my baby had bilateral talipes that were very clear on ultrasound. I was told it could be Isolated but that it could also signify something much worse such as Edwards syndrome. I was offered an amnio before 22 weeks but I declined due to the risk of miscarriage being very high. I then went to a private consultant to see if he thought the amnio was necessary in my case and he scanned me thoroughly. He said as he found no other markers and my low risk after nuchal and triple blood that it was extremely unlikely that my baby had Edwards. He also said that talipes can signify many things but that nhs hospitals like to link everything to a chromosomal disorder and also that they use patients as cannon fodder for their research, especially encouraging amnios ( which are usually done by students ). I don't know how much of that is true but I felt as though they were covering there backs rather than thinking of my feelings. I also felt as though I had now become a statistic as they wanted to keep an eye on me by scanning me every two weeks to see my progress and final outcome. Well I was scanned every two weeks and everything other than the talipes was perfect including growth, brain and heart, but I still felt like everytime they scanned me they were disappointed they didn't find anything wrong with the baby. Then at 28 weeks, my situation became very stressful once more. They discovered I had polyhydramnios (extreme amniotic fluid levels), the baby had borderline right sided ventricularmegaly 10 mm ( slightly more fluid than should be) and the baby was bigger for dates. I was sent for tests for gestational diabetes ( which can cause quite a few problems in baby) due to the excess amniotic fluid and the fact baby was larger, an MRI scan to check no blockages or bleeds in brain, parvovirus and torch screening to see if a virus could be a cause for the fluid in brain ventricle an amnio to check for chromosomal disorders and tests for muscular dystrophy to see if that was causing the talipes and excess amniotic fluid. You can imagine the stress I felt so I agreed to all the tests as I hoped it would put an end to it. I had the GDD test, parvo and torch screens straight away, which all back fine. I couldn't have amnio or MRI or muscular dystrophy tests until 32 weeks and they were extremely hard decisions to make as the harm they could cause the baby. The results for the MRI came back normal and they said the fluid on brain was more likely to be a normal variant due to size of baby. The amnio came back clear so my baby doesn't have Edwards, downs or pataus. I'm still awaiting the MD results but I am positive they will be ok. I will let mums net know as s

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