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Enlarged cisterna magnus & cerebellum looks hypoplastic inferiorly

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Nanniep Thu 16-Jun-11 00:06:11

Had second ultrasound today confirming these two anomalies. Next step is sn MRI, devastated, shocked, consultant discussed pregnancy options. Anyone had similar results, don't quite know what to think.

misty0 Thu 16-Jun-11 07:22:36

Sorry to hear you're having to cope with this Nanniep, i have no practical advice for you love, but hopefully someone will be along who can help you more. Have you got to wait long for your MRI?

Let us know how you get on. All our thoughts are with you <hug>

Nanniep Thu 16-Jun-11 21:12:07

Thanks Misty0, we've got the MRI tomorrow morning, thankfully the waiting in limbo isn't going to be too long. Hoping for a miracle x

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