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Am I starting with PND?

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Chlandy Thu 16-Feb-17 15:21:08

I keep getting told by my nearest and dearest they think I'm starting with PND, however, I feel it's circumstantial... Long story short, my son is 3 months old and when he turned 12 weeks, that day I took him to docs in early hours with a high temp, but was fine in himself. Due to me being paranoid (I had a coldsore so I thought herpes virus as my friends lost their baby to it) they sent me to hospital. Anyway he deteriorated very quickly ended up in intensive care and having to go through lots of tests. Eventually a few days later he picked up and results came back ecoli bug developed from a uti and likely got into his blood when he went downhill. My son is home now and has made a full recovery, just has to go back for scans and follow ups to check no lasting damage to his kidneys. Yesterday I took him for his injections that he missed due to being in hospital and in the room I had a panic attack when asked to hold his leg, the staff were brilliant and understanding. Today however he developed a temp so I gave him calpol and it has come down but because a temp was his only symptom before I went into a bit of a panic and rung my partner worrying. My son is fine now his temp has stayed down, but my friends and family are convinced I've got PND since coming out of hosp cos I am checking his temp a lot and I am worried about him more than ever... I don't think I do as I was fine beforehand, I feel it's circumstantial as it's still so fresh in my mind (he came home under 2 weeks ago)... Just wondering what people's thoughts are? Please don't anybody take offence I'm not saying anything about PND, just looking for opinions if people or women who are/have suffered PND can relate and if it's likely that this is why I am feeling like I am?

Idefix Thu 16-Feb-17 18:12:28

flowers you have been through a lot in the last few weeks I am not surprised that you felt highly anxious and fearful regarding the temperature. I wouldn't dismiss your families concerns but at the same time your reactions sound very reasonable.
Can you speak to your HV?

I hope your ds continues to improve.

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