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Is this prenatal depression?

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Marzipanmodelling Wed 08-Feb-17 22:59:09

Crying most days, feeling overwhelmed, feel like I can't cope with my children or the pregnancy, big feelings of guilt when I snap at the children or if they catch me crying. I physically shiver and shake now when I'm stressed. We're in the process of buying/selling house chain and am 26 weeks pregnant with DC3 and every situation makes me feel stressed. I'm a SAHM with no relatives nearby and no time away from the DC. Unsupportive husband who has MH issues which he can't see past to help/support me. Often tells me what I'm not good at or questions why I'm upset or why I'm so stressed, shrugging my worries off with a 'don't worry about things' but leaves me to deal with all paperwork and household things and doesn't get involved. I spoke to the midwife who said come back in 3 weeks two weeks ago... I don't want to take medication, can they offer counselling?

HN42 Sat 11-Feb-17 18:17:17

Hi Marzipanmodelling, I just read your post, you must be having a really hard time. I'm sorry your midwife has taken the approach she has, I have also had problems with medical professionals shrugging off my anxiety and worries as though I should just pull myself together and get on with it. It may be worth ringing your GP to ask to be referred for counselling or cognitive behaviour therapy. If that fails ask how to self refer as I think it is an option in most areas as talking about things is definitely way better than resorting to medication.

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