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Possible Antenatal Depression/ it's been a tricky old year.

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Imavinoops Wed 23-Nov-16 23:23:00

My partner is convinced I need to go to the doctor as he thinks I have Antenatal Depression.
Basically it's been an emotional year, we got pregnant with our first together (I have DSS who lives with us all the time) which is very exciting. However, my Dad passed away in October so this is still weighing pretty heavily on my mind sometimes and is obviously difficult to deal with.
This past week has been horrible really, DP and I have argued loads and every day I have cried about something. I get pregnancy is an emotional time but is this normal? I'm bursting into tears at the tiniest things. If it isn't normal then I need to work out whether it's depression or just a reaction to having a tough time.
I'm not sure what to think and my head is all over the place (as is this post! I think I'm rambling)
I hate the idea of talking to the doctor as I worry I'm just overreacting really but DP is adamant I need help.
I'm 25 weeks pregnant, feel happy and excited about the baby but everything else makes me feel like poo!
I'm not sure if I'm asking for advice or just someone to ramble to, either way I'll leave it

Caprigal Wed 23-Nov-16 23:58:20

Hi. I would recommend going to the doctor . I was similar to you in my first pregnancy ,crying at the drop of a hat, causing arguments over silly things which I think is quite normal. Talking things over with a doctor helped me ,even if it just puts your mind at rest that everything's okay it's worth a trip. As for antenatal depression, I'm going through this myself right now in my second pregnancy. Ive been to the doctor this week and was dismissed as hormonal even though I have a history of depression. I am going back tomorrow as I know 1000% it's not hormonal. I have thoughts about a termination several times a day, I'm crying almost all day, I get no pleasure from life and the only thing keeping me going is my 2 year old son .
If a trip to the doctor will put yours and your partner's mind at ease then I say do it.

Tootsiepops Thu 24-Nov-16 00:04:27

My mum died in April, just four months after my daughter was born. This year has been hellish, but I didn't have ante-natal depression. I was just grieving.

It wouldn't hurt to see a doctor, or maybe have some bereavement counselling? Cruse are great.

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